KJMB-FM 100.3
Blythe, California
KJMB-FM is located in Blythe, California on Interstate 10, a few miles from the California/Arizona state line. KJMB broadcasts 24 hours a day, with a radiated power of 36 kilowatts. The format is adult contemporary, with USA news fed by satellite, and a heavy local news follow-up. The station manager is Jim Morris, who can be reached at 760-922-7143, or by fax at 760-922-2844.

Blythe is the site if two major California prisons, a large truck depot, major agricultural interests, and a 520 megawatt, natural gas power plant that is presently under construction. The winter months are characterized by an influx of visitors, who come for the superb winter weather. Summertime is the season for water sports on the nearby Colorado River.
KJMB-FM Station Manager, Jim Morris
Blythe Radio, inc., KJMB-FM
Jim Morris
681 North 4th Street
Blythe, California 92225
A view of  KJMB's radio satellite system