Today, I am happy to announce our plans to open a new AWS Region in Italy! The AWS Europe (Milan) Region is the 25th AWS Region that we've announced globally. It's the sixth AWS Region in Europe, joining existing regions in France, Germany, Ireland, the UK, and the new Region that we recently announced in Sweden. The AWS Europe (Milan) Region will have three Availability Zones and be ready for customers in early 2020.

Currently we have 57 Availability Zones across 19 technology infrastructure Regions. As of this announcement, another five AWS Regions and 15 Availability Zones are coming over the next year in Bahrain, Hong Kong SAR, Italy, South Africa, and Sweden. We are continuing to work to open additional Regions all over the world where our customers need them the most.


In 2012, Amazon opened its first Italian office and its first Italian point of presence (PoP) based in Milan. Since then, AWS has added another PoP in Palermo in 2017. We have offices in Rome and Milan, where we continue to help Italian customers of all sizes move to the AWS Cloud. In Italy, we employ local teams of account managers, solutions architects, business development managers, partner managers, professional services consultants, technology evangelists, start-up community developers, marketing managers, and many more.

Some of the largest enterprises and public sector organizations in Italy are using AWS to build innovations and power their businesses, drive cost savings, accelerate innovation, and speed time-to-market. This includes:

  • Enterprises such as Decysion, Docebo, Eataly, Edizioni Conde Nast, ENEL, Ferrero, GEDI Gruppo Editoriale, Imperia & Monferrina, Lamborghini, Mediaset, Navionics, Pirelli, Pixartprinting, SEAT Pagine Gialle, Tagetik Software, and Vodafone Italy.
  • Public sector customers such as A2A Smart City, City of Cagliari, Corte dei Conti, Istituto Centrale per i Beni Sonori ed Audiovisivi, Madisoft, National Institute for Astrophysics, National Institute of Molecular Genetics, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico Torino, Regione Autonoma Sardegna, UniNettuno, and Università degli Studi di Cagliari.

Lamborghini是世界着名的Elite,豪华跑车生产企业,总部设在意大利,一直在使用AWS将其基础设施的成本降低50%,同时也实现了更好的性能和可扩展性。今天,他们的上市时间接近零。当公司决定将在线存在提升以符合其Aventador J跑车的推出时,Lamborghini网站正在托管过时的基础设施。在评估不同的选择时,兰博基尼看着一个成本的数据中心,这是昂贵的;本地托管提供商,不提供可扩展性;和云计算用aws。该公司决定它希望在云中工作的可扩展性,灵活性和成本效益。通过搬到AWS,Lamborghini能够在几天内准备开发和测试环境。必威体育精装版app官网该网站在不到一个月的时间内上网,能够支持Aventador J的推出周围的流量增加了250%。

Enel是世界上领先的能源运营商之一。ENEL正在使用AWS来改变其整个业务,到2018年关闭所有数据中心,从超过6,000个上部房屋服务器迁移到AWS九个月内的工作负载,并使用AWS IOT服务更好地管理和理解能耗。

Seat Pagine Gialle Italia是一家意大利媒体公司,最着名用于生产黄色和白页目录。自1925年首次发射以来,Seat Pagine Gialle一直希望帮助公司更好地推销自己,并从电话目录中分支出来。他们现在提供街道地图,在线广告,移动和网络内容创建和电子商务服务。

座位Pagine Gialle目前在100,000多个网站上举办超过10万个网站,而在意大利提供超过1250万户的家庭和超过300万业务。为了满足如此大的交通号码,他们需要一个安全,可靠和灵活的技术基础架构。座位Pagine Gialle正在努力将他们的技术基础设施移动到AWS。座位Pagine Gialle现在能够扩展其基础设施,同时将运营成本降低50%。这有助于在意大利的网络上每月支持超过5000万搜索。

GEDI Gruppo Editoriale is an Italian multimedia giant that publishes some of the largest circulation newspapers in Italy, including La Repubblica and La Stampa. They are the trusted source of news for millions of Italians. Using AWS has allowed them to scale up and down whenever their news cycles require it, allowing them to deliver the news to readers when it is needed the most.

这是一项伟大的例子来自2018年3月的意大利大选,他们经历了最高的高峰交通。在那一天,他们有超过8000万页的景观和1880万只有访问。La Repubblica能够将读者提供持续的特殊选举日覆盖,而不是花费所有这些资源,而是能够为其读者提供持续的特殊选举日覆盖,并具有竞选结果的实时数据。


APN SIs working in Italy include Accenture, BeSharp, Capgemini, Claranet, CloudReach, Deloitte, DXC, NTT Data, Sopra Steria, Storm Reply, Techedge, XPeppers and Zero12. They help enterprise and public sector customers migrate to the AWS Cloud, deploy mission-critical applications, and provide a full range of monitoring, automation, and management services for customer's AWS environments. Some of our Italian ISV partners include Avantune, Docebo, Doxee, Tagetik Software, and TeamSystem.

We are also focused on supporting start-up companies across Italy. In 2013, we launched a dedicated program called AWS Activate. This program gives startups access to guidance and one-on-one time with AWS experts. We also give them web-based training, self-paced labs, customer support, third-party offers, and up to $100,000 in AWS service credits—all at no charge. This is in addition to the work AWS already does with the venture capital community, startup accelerators, and incubators to help startups grow in the cloud.

To support the rapid growth of their portfolio companies, we also work with accelerator organizations such as H-Farm, Nana Bianca, and PoliHub and VC firms like United Ventures and P101. Startup customers have built their businesses on top of AWS, including Beintoo, brumbrum, DoveConviene, Ennova, FattureinCloud, Musement, Musixmatch, Prima Assicurazioni, Satispay, SixthContinent, Spreaker, and Wyscout.

The new AWS Europe (Milan) Region—together with our portfolio of existing European Regions in France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK—will provide customers in Italy and across EMEA with highly reliable, scalable, secure, fast, and low-latency access to the powerful and innovative capabilities of the AWS Cloud.


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