betway88体育官网 Werner Vogels' weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. 版权所有2011 2018年10月24日星期三20:09:06 PDT 扩展AWS云 - 一个AWS必威体育精装版官网! 星期四,2018年10月25日10:00:00 PDT <p><img src="/images/rsa-flags.jpg" width="650"></p> <h1>Expanding the AWS Cloud—An AWS 必威体育精装版app官网!</h1> <p>Today, I am excited to announce our plans to open a new AWS Region in South Africa! AWS is committed to South Africa&#39;s transformationAWS非洲(开普敦)地区是我们的另一个里程碑和承诺的增长和长期投资的一部分It is our first Region in Africa, and we&#39;re shooting to have it ready in the first half of 2020.</p> <p>The new AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region will have three Availability Zones and provide lower latency to end users across Sub-Saharan AfricaAWS customers will also be able to store their data in South Africa with the assurance that their content won&#39;t move unless they move itThose looking to comply with the upcoming Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) will have access to secure infrastructure that meets the most rigorous international compliance standards.</p> <p>This news marks the 23rd AWS Region that we have announced globally我们已经在19个基础架构区域拥有55个可用区,客户现在可以使用这些区域巴林,香港特别行政区,瑞典和第二个AWS GovCloud(美国)地区的另外四个AWS区域(和12个可用区域)预计将在未来几个月内上线尽管增长迅速,但我们没有计划减速或停在那里We are actively working to open additional Regions in the locations where our customers need them most.</p> <p>We have a long history in South AfricaAWS的一直是一个活跃的成员自2004年以来,当地技术社区In December of that year, we opened the Amazon 必威体育精装版app官网ment Center in Cape TownThat&#39;s where we built many pioneering networking technologies, our next-generation software for customer support, and the technology behind our compute service, Amazon EC2.</p> <p>In 2015, we expanded our presence in the country, opening an AWS office in Johannesburg从那时起,我们看到了AWS采用的加速2017年,我们通过AWS Direct Connect将亚马逊全球网络带到了非洲Earlier this year, we launched infrastructure on the African continent by introducing Amazon CloudFront to South Africa, with two new edge locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town.</p> <p>Because of our expansion, we now count a number of well-known South African enterprises as customers such as Absa, Discovery, Investec, MedScheme, MiX Telematics, MMI Holdings Limited, Old Mutual, Pick n Pay, Standard Bank, and TravelstartWe also work with some of Africa&#39;s fastest growing startups such as Aerobotics, Apex Innovations, Asoriba, Custos Media, EMS Invirotel, Entersekt, HealthQ, JUMO, Luno, Mukuru, PayGate, Parcel Ninja, Simfy Africa, Zapper, Zanibal, and Zoona.</p> <p>Innovative organizations in the South African public sector are using AWS to help change lives across the continent, such as Hyrax Biosciences岩狸也必威体育精装版应用官网ed基于AWS的技术称为Exatype,迅速、准确地测试艾滋病毒耐药性传统上,进行单一电阻测试需要花费300到500美元With the AWS based system, Exatype can do this at a fraction of the cost.</p> <p>Many of our startup customers in Africa are leveraging the AWS Cloud to grow into successful global businesses其中一个例子是JUMO,这是一家技术公司,它拥有一个运营包容性金融服务市场的平台,为新兴市场的小企业和个人提供服务。自2014年推出以来,已有超过900万人在JUMO平台上保存或借用The platform gives these customers real-time access to loans, savings, and insurance products from banks.</p> <p>JUMO has offices in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Pakistan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom使用AWS,JUMO可以迅速扩展其在整个非洲和亚洲的业务,并使公司能够专注于业务扩展和技术合作伙伴关系他们与巴克莱(Barclays)和Letshego等领​​先的国际和泛非银行以及Airtel,MTN,Telenor和Tigo等大型移动货币运营商合作JUMO uses a broad range of behavioral and payments&#39; data, near real-time analytics and predictive modeling, to create financial identities for people who were previously beyond the reach of banks使用AWS,JUMO能够以超过1000倍的速度处理这些数据What would have taken two weeks on local servers now only takes a few minutes.</p> <p>One of my favorite stories to come from Africa, however, is the work we are doing alongside our partners—Intel and Digital Divide Data—to help the National Museums of Kenya digitize their entire collection of artifacts肯尼亚国家博物馆拥有世界上最大的考古学和古生物学博物馆之一该项目使用3D数字图像创建超过一百万个项目的记录这使得全球研究人员更容易获取记录It also preserves the museums&#39; collection for future generations.</p> <p>As well as helping customers in South Africa, and across the continent with technology, we also have a number of programs to help foster startups and to support the 必威体育精装版app官网ment of technology skills in the education sector与AWS激活< a href = " " > < / >,我们一直支持初创公司在非洲访问与AWS专家指导和1:1的时间We offer web-based training, self-paced labs, customer support, third-party offers, and up to $100,000 in AWS service credits—all at no charge.</p> <p>This has helped unearth innovative startups like AsoribaAsoriba是一个完全在AWS上运行的网络和移动平台,使教会管理员能够有效地管理教会成员,活动,通信和财务该平台还允许教会成员容易捐款和产品通过移动应用程序Asoriba already has 1,500 churches as members, serving 150,000 with the aim of touching all of Africa&#39;s 521 million churchgoers.</p> <p>We also work with the venture capital community, accelerators, and incubators in South Africa在开普敦,AWS与Demo Africa,LaunchLab,Mzansi Commons和Silicon Cape等组织以及Workshop17等共同工作中心合作We provide coaching and mentorship, technical support, and resources to help African startups launch their businesses and go global.</p> <p>For educators and students, we have <a href="">AWS Educate</a>该计划提供对AWS信用,工作委员会和培训内容等资源的访问,以加速与云相关的学习通过该计划,我们已经与开普敦大学和南非斯泰伦博斯大学等机构合作We also support the Explore Data Science Academy to educate students on data analytics skills and produce the next generation of data scientists in Africa.</p> <p>Another program for higher education institutes is <a href="">AWS Academy</a>, which provides AWS-authorized courses for students to acquire in-demand cloud computing skillsThe program has already attracted the country&#39;s major academic institutions, including the University of Cape Town, University of Johannesburg, and Durban University of TechnologyBy providing resources to tertiary institutes, we believe we can grow the number of cloud professionals and create a generation of cloud-native technology experts to help grow African economies into the future.</p> <p>We have also been investing in helping with a number of philanthropic and charity activities in South AfricaWe support organizations such as AfricaTeenGeeks, an NGO that teaches children to code; Code4CT, a charity set up to inspire and empower young girls by equipping them with technical skills; DjangoGirls, which introduces women to coding; and GirlCode, which supports the empowerment of women through technologyOur engineers work with these and other charities to provide coaching, mentoring, and AWS credits.</p> <p>We look forward to working with customers from startups to enterprise, public to private sector, and many more as we grow our business in South Africa and across the African continentFor more information about our activities in South Africa, including webinars, meetups, customer case studies, and more, see the <a href="">AWS Africa</a> page.</p> Make your voice count by simply saying, &quot;Alexa, let&#39;s chat.&quot; Wed, 01 Aug 2018 10:00:00 PDT <p><img src="/images/alexaprize18.png" width="650"></p> <p>A while back I wrote about <a href="">the Alexa Prize</a>, a university competition where participating teams are creating socialbots focused on advancing computer to human interactionWe are now in year two, heading into the final stretch for 2018 and I thought I would give everyone an update.</p> <p>For those who aren&#39;t familiar, Alexa Prize teams use customer feedback to advance several areas of conversational AI, with the grand challenge being a <a href="https://必威体育精装版app官网">socialbot</a>that can engage coherently for 20 minutes in a fun, high-quality conversation on popular topics such as entertainment, sports, technology, and fashionTeams are thinking big about how to make strides in areas including knowledge acquisition, natural language understanding and generation, context modeling, common sense reasoning, and dialog planning.</p> <p>On July 2, the eight 2018 <a href="">Alexa Prize</a> teams, from universities around the world, entered the semifinals phase of the competition8月中旬,平均客户评分最高的两支球队将自动晋级决赛At least one other team will be selected by Amazon based on their socialbot&#39;s relevance, coherence, interestingness, speed, and scientific merit虽然创新,激情和创造力的结合为团队提供了动力,但<em>客户互动</ em>是他们实现目标的关键<strong>Your</strong> interactions and feedback will be crucial to helping teams continue to improve their socialbots into the finals round.</p> <p>To be part of the conversation, simply say &quot;Alexa let&#39;s chat&quot; on any Alexa-enabled device and start your Alexa Prize journeyTo date, customers have already logged thousands of hours of conversation with the eight different socialbots currently available.</p> <p>To end a conversation, simply say &quot;Stop.&quot; You will then be prompted to provide a verbal rating and feedbackYou can easily try multiple socialbots just by saying &quot;Alexa, let&#39;s chat&quot; again.</p> <p>To learn more about the Alexa Prize, go to: <a href=""></a></p> A one size fits all betway88体育官网 doesn&#39;t fit anyone体育官网s-in-aws.html体育官网s-in-aws.html 星期四,2018年6月21日10:00:00 PDT <p>normalized A common question that I get is why do we offer so many betway88体育官网 products? The answer for me is simple: 必威体育精装版app官网ers want their applications to be well architected and scale effectivelyTo do this, they need to be able to use multiple betway88体育官网s and data models within the same application.</p> <p>Seldom can one betway88体育官网 fit the needs of multiple distinct use cases放之四海而皆准的单片的日子betway88体育官网的背后,和必威体育精装版应用官网人现在构建高度分布式应用程序使用多种专用betway88体育官网必威体育精装版app官网ers are doing what they do best: breaking complex applications into smaller pieces and then picking the best tool to solve each problemThe best tool for a job usually differs by use case.</p> <p>For decades because the only betway88体育官网 choice was a relational betway88体育官网, no matter the shape or function of the data in the application, the data was modeled as relational而不是驱动对betway88体育官网的要求的用例,而是另一种方式betway88体育官网正在推动应用程序用例的数据模型Is a relational betway88体育官网 purpose-built for a denormalized schema and to enforce referential integrity in the betway88体育官网? Absolutely, but the key point here is that not all application data models or use cases match the relational model.</p> <p>As I have talked about before, one of the <a href="">reasons why we built Amazon DynamoDB</a> was that Amazon was pushing the limits of what was a leading commercial betway88体育官网 at the time and we were unable to sustain the availability, scalability, and performance needs that our growing business demanded我们发现大约70%的操作是键值查找,其中只使用了主键并且返回了一行With no need for referential integrity and transactions, we realized these access patterns could be better served by a different type of betway88体育官网Further, with the growth and scale of, boundless horizontal scale needed to be a key design point--scaling up simply wasn&#39;t an optionThis, ultimately led to <a href="">DynamoDB</a>, a nonrelational betway88体育官网 service built to scale out beyond the limits of relational betway88体育官网s.</p> <p>This doesn&#39;t mean relational betway88体育官网s do not provide utility in present-day 必威体育精装版app官网ment and are not available, scalable, or provide high performance情况恰恰相反In fact, this is been proven by our customers as Amazon Aurora remains <a href=";p=irol-newsArticle&amp;ID=2341103">the fastest growing service in AWS history</a>我们在亚马逊网站上遇到的情况是使用超出其预期目的的betway88体育官网That learning is at the heart of this blog post—betway88体育官网s are built for a purpose and matching the use case with the betway88体育官网 will help you write high-performance, scalable, and more functional applications faster.</p> <p><strong>Purpose-built betway88体育官网s</strong></p> <p>The world is still changing and the categories of nonrelational betway88体育官网s continue to grow我们看到越来越多的客户想要构建网际网路规模的应用程序,需要不同的数据模型为了满足这些需求,必威体育专业版现在可以选择关系,键值,文档,图形,内存和搜索功能。Each of these betway88体育官网s solve a specific problem or a group of problems.</p> <p><img src="/images/betway88体育官网s.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>Let&#39;s take a closer look at the purpose for each of these betway88体育官网s:</p> <ul> <li><p><strong>Relational:</strong> A relational betway88体育官网 is <em>self-describing</em> because it enables 必威体育精装版app官网ers to define the betway88体育官网&#39;s schema as well as relations and constraints between rows and tables in the betway88体育官网必威体育精装版app官网ers rely on the functionality of the relational betway88体育官网 (not the application code) to enforce the schema and preserve the referential integrity of the data within the betway88体育官网关系型网络的典型用例包括网络和移动应用程序,企业应用程序和在线游戏<a href="">Airbnb</a> is a great example of a customer building high-performance and scalable applications with Amazon AuroraAurora provides Airbnb a fully-managed, scalable, and functional service to run their MySQL workloads.</p></li> <li><p><strong>Key-value:</strong> Key-value betway88体育官网s are highly partitionable and allow horizontal scaling at levels that other types of betway88体育官网s cannot achieve游戏,广告技术和物联网等用例特别适合于键值数据模型,其中访问模式需要针对已知键值的低延迟获取/放置DynamoDB的目的是为任何规模的工作负载提供一致的单位数毫秒延迟This consistent performance is a big part of why the <a href="">Snapchat Stories feature</a>, which includes Snapchat&#39;s largest storage write workload, moved to DynamoDB.</p></li> <li><p><strong>Document:</strong> Document betway88体育官网s are intuitive for 必威体育精装版app官网ers to use because the data in the application tier is typically represented as a JSON document必威体育精装版app官网ers can persist data using the same document model format that they use in their application code<a href="">Tinder</a> is one example of a customer that is using the flexible schema model of DynamoDB to achieve 必威体育精装版app官网er efficiency.</p></li> <li><p><strong>Graph:</strong> A graph betway88体育官网&#39;s purpose is to make it easy to build and run applications that work with highly connected datasets图表的典型用例包括社交网络,推荐引擎,欺诈检测和知识图<a href="">Amazon Neptune</a> is a fully-managed graph betway88体育官网 serviceNeptune支持Property Graph模型和Resource Description Framework(RDF),可以选择两个图形API:TinkerPop和RDF / SPARQL目前的海王星用户正在构建知识图表,制作游戏内提供建议以及检测欺诈行为For example, Thomson Reuters is helping their customers navigate a complex web of global tax policies and regulations by using Neptune.</p></li> <li><p><strong>In-memory:</strong> Financial services, Ecommerce, web, and mobile application have use cases such as leaderboards, session stores, and real-time analytics that require microsecond response times and can have large spikes in traffic coming at any time我们建立了亚马逊ElastiCache < a href = " " > < / >,提供Memcached和复述,为< a href = " " >低延迟、高吞吐量的< / >的工作负载,比如< a href = " " >麦当劳# 39;s < / >,无法与基于磁盘的数据存储服务<a href=""> Amazon DynamoDB加速器</a>(DAX)是专用数据存储的另一个示例<a href="">DAX was built</a> is to make DynamoDB reads an order of magnitude faster.</p></li> <li><p><strong>Search:</strong> Many applications output logs to help 必威体育精装版app官网ers troubleshoot issues<a href="">Amazon Elasticsearch Service</a> (Amazon ES) is purpose built for providing near real-time visualizations and analytics of machine-generated data by indexing, aggregating, and searching semi structured logs and metricsAmazon ES也是一款功能强大的高性能搜索引擎,可用于全文搜索用例<a href="">Expedia</a> is using more than 150 Amazon ES domains, 30 TB of data, and 30 billion documents for a variety of mission-critical use cases, ranging from operational monitoring and troubleshooting to distributed application stack tracing and pricing optimization.</p></li> </ul> <p><strong>Building applications with purpose-built betway88体育官网s</strong></p> <p>必威体育精装版app官网ers are building highly distributed and decoupled applications, and AWS enables 必威体育精装版app官网ers to build these cloud-native applications by using multiple AWS services以Expedia为例虽然对于客户来说,Expedia网站看起来像一个应用程序,但在幕后,Expedia.com由许多组件组成,每个组件都具有特定功能By breaking an application such as into multiple components that have specific jobs (such as microservices, containers, and <a href="">AWS Lambda</a> functions), 必威体育精装版app官网ers can be more productive by increasing scale and performance, reducing operations, increasing deployment agility, and enabling different components to evolve independentlyWhen building applications, 必威体育精装版app官网ers can pair each use case with the betway88体育官网 that best suits the need.</p> <p>To make this real, take a look at some of our customers that are using multiple different kinds of betway88体育官网s to build their applications:</p> <ul> <li><a href="">Airbnb</a> uses DynamoDB to store users&#39; search history for quick lookups as part of personalized searchAirbnb also uses ElastiCache to store session states in-memory for faster site rendering, and they use MySQL on <a href="">Amazon RDS</a> as their primary transactional betway88体育官网.</li> <li><a href="">Capital One</a> uses Amazon RDS to store transaction data for state management, Amazon Redshift to store web logs for analytics that need aggregations, and DynamoDB to store user data so that customers can quickly access their information with the Capital One app.</li> <li><a href="">Expedia</a> built a real-time data warehouse for the market pricing of lodging and availability data for internal market analysis by using Aurora, Amazon Redshift, and ElastiCache数据仓库与24小时执行一个多流道联盟和自lookback窗口使用ElastiCache复述The data warehouse also persists the processed data directly into Aurora MySQL and Amazon Redshift to support both operational and analytical queries.</li> <li><a href="">Zynga</a> migrated the Zynga poker betway88体育官网 from a MySQL farm to DynamoDB and got a massive performance boost过去需要30秒的查询现在需要一秒钟Zynga还使用ElastiCache(Memcached和Redis)代替内存缓存的自我管理等价物The automation and serverless scalability of Aurora make it Zynga&#39;s first choice for new services using relational betway88体育官网s.</li> <li><a href="">Johnson &amp; Johnson</a> uses Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, and Amazon Redshift to minimize time and effort spent on gathering and provisioning data, and allow the quick derivation of insightsAWS betway88体育官网 services are helping Johnson &amp; Johnson improve physicians&#39; workflows, optimize the supply chain, and discover new drugs.</li> </ul> <p>Just as they are no longer writing monolithic applications, 必威体育精装版app官网ers also are no longer using a single betway88体育官网 for all use cases in an application—they are using many betway88体育官网sThough the relational betway88体育官网 remains alive and well, and is still well suited for many use cases, purpose-built betway88体育官网s for key-value, document, graph, in-memory, and search uses cases can help you optimize for functionality, performance, and scale and—more importantly—your customers&#39; experience建立在。</ p> betway必威体育图片 星期一,2018年5月21日10:00:00太平洋时间 <p>This article titled "<a href="">Die Arbeitswelt der Zukunft</a>" appeared in German last week in the "Digitalisierung" column of <a href="">Wirtschaftwoche</a>.</p> <p><img src="/images/industry.jpg"/ width="650"></p> <p><strong>betway必威体育图片</strong></p> <p>We already have an idea of how digitalization, and above all new technologies like machine learning, big-data analytics or IoT, will change companies&#39; business models — and are already changing them on a wide scaleSo now&#39;s the time to examine more closely how different facets of the workplace will look and the role humans will have.</p> <p>In fact, the future is already here – but it&#39;s still not evenly distributedScience fiction author William Gibson said that nearly 20 years ago我们可以观察到富人和穷人之间的差距:即那些已经在使用未来技术的人和那些不使用未来技术的人之间的差距The consequences of this are particularly visible on the labor market many people still don&#39;t know which skills will be required in the future or how to learn them.</p> <p>Against that background, it&#39;s natural for people – even young digital natives – to feel some growing uncertainty根据盖洛普的民意调查,37%的千禧一代因人工智能而害怕在未来20年内失去工作与此同时,有许多乐观的理由Studies by the German ZEW Center for European Economic Research, for example, have found that companies that invest in digitalization create significantly more jobs than companies that don&#39;t.</p> <p>How many of the jobs that we know today will even exist in the future? Which human activities can be taken over by machines or ML-based systems? Which tasks will be left over for humans to do? And will there be completely new types of the jobs in the future that we can&#39;t even imagine today?</p> <p><strong>Future of work or work of the future?</strong></p> <p>All of these questions are legitimate&quot;But where there is danger, a rescuing element grows as well.&quot; German poet Friedrich Hölderlin knew that already in the 19th centuryAs for me, I&#39;m a technology optimist: Using technology to drive customer-centric convenience, such as in the cashier-less Amazon Go stores, will create shifts in where jobs are createdThinking about the work of tomorrow, it doesn&#39;t help to base the discussion on structures that exist today冰箱是在20世纪30年代发明之后,许多在销售冰块的企业工作的人担心他们的工作Indeed, refrigerators made this business superfluous for the most part; but in its place, many new jobs were created例如,生产冰箱的公司需要人们来建造冰箱,现在可以保留食品,创造了针对该市场的全新业务。我们不应该以我们今天所知的工作观念来引导自己相反,我们应该考虑未来工作场所的样子And to do that, we need to ask ourselves an entirely different question, namely: What is changing in the workplace, both from an organizational and qualitative standpoint?</p> <p>Many of the tasks carried out by people in manufacturing, for example, have remained similar over time in terms of the workflows即使是医生,律师或出租车司机的活动在过去十年中也几乎没有变化,至少在其基本过程方面如此只有部分进程由机器执行,或者至少由它们支持最终,所需的产品或服务交付-希望所需的质量但在数字化时代,人们所做的远远不止填补机器之间的空白人和机器完成的工作是围绕解决客户问题而建立的It&#39;s no longer about producing a car, but about the service &quot;mobility&quot;, about bringing people to a specific location&quot;I want to be in a central place in Berlin as quickly as possible&quot; is the requirement that needs to be fulfilledIn the first step we might reach this goal by combining the fastest mobility services through a digital platform; in the next, it might be a task fulfilled by Virtual RealityThese new offerings are organized on platforms or networks, and less so in processes而人工智能使得以某种方式分解任务成为可能,即每个人都能做出他或她最擅长的事情People define problems and pre-structure them, and machines or algorithms 必威体育精装版app官网 solutions that people evaluate in the end.</p> <p>Radiologists are now assisted by machine-learning-driven tools that allow them to evaluate digital content in ways that were not possible beforeMany radiologists have even claimed that ML-driven advice has significantly improved their ability to interpret X-rays.</p> <p>I would even go a step further because I believe it&#39;s possible to &quot;rehumanize&quot; work and make our unique abilities as human beings even more importantUntil now, access to digital technologies was limited above all by a machine&#39;s abilities: The interfaces to our systems are no longer machine-driven; in the future humans will be the starting pointFor example, anyone who wanted to teach a robot how to walk in the age of automation had to exactly calculate every single angle of slope from the upper to lower thigh, as well as the speed of movement and other parameters, and then formulate them as a command in a programming languageIn the future, we&#39;ll be able to communicate and work with robots more intensively in our &quot;language&quot;因此,教导机器人走路将来会更容易The robot can be controlled by anyone via voice command, and it could train itself by analyzing how humans do it via a motion scanner, applying the process, and perfecting it.</p> <p>With the new technological possibilities and greater computing power, work in the future will be more focused on people and less on machines机器学习可以使人工更有效Companies like C-SPAN show how: scores of people would have to scan video material for hours in order to create keywords, for example, according to a person&#39;s nameToday, automated face recognition can do this task in seconds, allowing employees to immediately begin working with the results.</p> <p><strong>Redefining the relationship between human and machine</strong></p> <p>The progress at the interface of human and machine is happening at a very fast pace with already a visible impact on how we work在未来,技术可以成为我们工作场所更自然的一部分,可以通过几种输入方法激活 - 说话,看到,触摸甚至嗅到采用语音控制技术,这个领域目前正在遭受真正的破坏This area distinguishes itself radically from what we knew until now as the &quot;hands-free&quot; work approach, which ran purely through simple voice commands现代语音控制系统可以以专业的方式理解,解释和回答对话,这使得许多工作流程更容易执行例如给患者诊断或提供法律建议在2018年底,语音(输入)将已经显着改变了我们的设备和应用程序的方式人们将能够主要通过语音将技术与工作联系起来One can already get an inkling of what that looks like in detail.</p> <p>At the US space agency NASA, for example, Amazon Alexa organizes the ordering of conference roomsA room doesn&#39;t always have to be requested for every single meeting相反,任何需要房间的人都要求Alexa,其余的则自动发生Everyone knows the stress caused by telephone conferences: they never start on time because someone hasn&#39;t found the right dial-in number and it takes a while until you&#39;ve typed in the 8-digit number plus a 6-digit conference code语音命令可以提高生产力AWS Service Transcribe可以在会议期间立即开始创建成绩单,然后将其发送给所有参与者Other companies, such as the Japanese firm Mitsui or the software provider bmc, use Alexa for Business to achieve a more efficient and better collaboration between their employees, among others.</p> <p>The software provider fme also uses voice control to offer its customers innovative applications in the field of business intelligence, social business collaboration and enterprise-content-management technologiesfme的客户主要来自生命科学和工业制造Employees can search different types of content using voice control, navigate easily through the content, and have the content displayed or read to them用户可以让Alexa在OpenText Documentum中向他们解释各个任务,再举一个例子This could be used to make the onboarding of new employees faster and cheaper – their managers would not have to perform the same information ritual again and againA similar approach can be found at pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which uses Alexa in its manufacturing: Team members can ask questions about standard processes to find out what they need to do next.</p> <p>Of course, responsibilities and organizations will change as a result of these 必威体育精装版app官网ments管理任务的资源可以转化为对客户有直接好处的活动Regarding the character of work in the future, we will probably need more &quot;architects,&quot; &quot;必威体育精装版app官网ers,&quot; &quot;creatives,&quot; &quot;relationship experts,&quot; &quot;platform specialists,&quot; and &quot;analysts&quot; and fewer people who need to perform tasks according to certain pre-determined steps, as well as fewer &quot;administrators&quot;By speaking more to humans&#39; need to create and shape, work might ultimately become more fulfilling and enjoyable.</p> <p><strong>Expanding the digital world</strong></p> <p>This new understanding of the relationship between man and machine has another important effect: It will significantly expand the number of people who can participate in digital value creation: older people, people who at the moment don&#39;t have access to a computer or smartphone, people for whom using the smartphone in a specific situation is too complicated, and people in 必威体育精装版app官网ing countries who can&#39;t read or write后者的一个很好的例子是与菲律宾马尼拉附​​近的国际水稻研究所合作的稻农The institute&#39;s mission is to fight poverty, hunger and malnutrition by easing the lives and work of rice farmersRice farmers can benefit from knowledge to which they wouldn&#39;t have access were they on their own研究所挽救了70000 DNA序列的不同类型的水稻,可以得出的结论是种植水稻的最佳条件每个村庄都有一个电话,通过使用它,农民可以获得这些知识:他们在菜单中选择他们的方言,并描述他们倾向于哪一片土地该服务基于机器学习它生成建议需要多少肥料时,最好的时间是种植庄稼So with the help of digital technologies, farmers can see how their work becomes more valuable: a given amount of effort produces a richer harvest of rice.</p> <p>Until now we only have a tiny insight into the possibilities for the world of work但他们明确表示,我们人类的工作质量很可能会提高,而且这项技术可以让我们开展许多我们今天仍无法想象的活动。尽管德国公司的人均机器人数量是美国公司的两倍,但德国工业仍然难以找到合格的员工,而不是必须解决失业问题。In the future we humans will be able to carry out activities in a way that is closer to our creative human nature than is the case today我相信,如果我们想做正义的技术可能性,我们应该做到像荷尔德林和有信心的救援,但同时尽量减少风险的理解和塑造的东西。< / p > 改变云中容器的微积分 周一,2018年4月11日08:00 PM太平洋夏令时 <p><img src="/images/containers_in_port.jpg"/ width="650"></p> <p>I wrote to you over two years ago about what happens <a href="">under the hood of Amazon ECS</a>Last year at re:Invent, we launched <a href="">AWS Fargate</a>, and today, I want to explore how Fargate fundamentally changes the landscape of container technology.</p> <p>I spend a lot of time talking to our customers and leaders at Amazon about innovation我的一件事# 39;已经注意到思想和技术极大地改变我们做事的方式很少They&#39;re often the combination of an existing concept with an approach, technology, or capability in a particular way that&#39;s never been successfully tried before.</p> <p>The rapid embrace of containers in the past four years is the result of blending old technology (containers) with a new toolchain and workflow (i.e., Docker), and the cloudIn our industry, four years is a long time, but I think we&#39;ve only just started exploring how this combination of code packaging, well-designed workflows, and the cloud can reshape the ability of 必威体育精装版app官网ers to quickly build applications and innovate.</p> <p>Containers solve a fundamental code portability problem and enable new infrastructure patterns on the cloud拥有一致的,不可变的部署单元可以让您在每次更改代码或想要在不同的地方运行应用程序时抽象出配置服务器和部署管道的所有复杂性但容器还在代码和运行位置之间放置了另一层They are an important, but incremental, step on the journey of being able to write code and have it run in the right place, with the right scale, with the right connections to other bits of code, and the right security and access controls.</p> <p>Solving these higher order problems of deploying, scheduling, and connecting containers across environments gave us container management tools容器编排在我看来一直都不是云原生的管理大型服务器集群并优化容器的调度,所有容器都由复杂的分布式状态存储支持,这与云的前提相反Customers choose the cloud to pay as they go, not have to guess capacity, get deep operational control without operational burden, build loosely coupled services with limited blast radii to prevent failures, and self-service for everything they need to run their code.</p> <p>You should be able to write your code and have it run, without having to worry about configuring complex management tools, open source or not这是AWS Fargate背后的愿景With Fargate, you don&#39;t need to stand up a control plane, choose the right instance type, or configure all the other components of your application stack like networking, scaling, service discovery, load balancing, security groups, permissions, or secrets management只需构建集装箱图像,定义如何,你想要运行,并支付所需要的资源Fargate亚马逊VPC本机集成,自动伸缩功能,弹性负载平衡,我的角色,和秘密管理We&#39;ve taken the time to make Fargate production ready with a 99.99% uptime SLA and compliance with PCI, SOC, ISO, and HIPAA.</p> <p>With AWS Fargate, you can provision resources to run your containers at a much finer grain than with an EC2 instanceYou can select exactly the CPU and memory your code needs and the amount you pay scales exactly with how many containers you runYou don&#39;t have to guess at capacity to handle spikey traffic, and you get the benefit of perfect scale, which lets you offload a ton of operational effort onto the cloudMiB的MiB,这可能意味着像Fargate这样的云原生技术看起来比纸上更传统的VM基础设施更昂贵但是,如果你看一下运行应用程序的全部成本,我们相信大多数应用程序对Fargate来说会更便宜,因为你只需支付你需要的费用Our customers running Fargate see big savings in the 必威体育精装版app官网er hours required to keep their apps running smoothly.</p> <p>The entire ecosystem of container orchestration solutions arose out of necessity because there was no way to natively procure a container in the cloudWhether you use Kubernetes, Mesos, Rancher, Nomad, ECS or any other system no longer matters anymore because with Fargate, there is nothing to orchestrate您必须管理的唯一事情是构建应用程序本身AWS Fargate finally makes containers cloud native.</p> <p>I think the next area of innovation we will see after moving away from thinking about underlying infrastructure is application and service managementHow do you interconnect the different containers that run independent services, ensure visibility, manage traffic patterns, and security for multiple services at scale? How do independent services mutually discover one another? How do you define access to common data stores? How do you define and group services into applications? Cloud native is about having as much control as you want and I am very excited to see how the container ecosystem will evolve over the next few years to give you more control with less workWe look forward to working with the community to innovate forward on the cloud native journey on behalf of our customers.</p> <p><strong>Getting Started</strong></p> <p>AWS Fargate already seamlessly integrates with <a href="">Amazon ECS</a>您只需像为Amazon ECS一样定义应用程序您将应用程序打包到任务定义中,指定所需的CPU和内存,定义每个容器所需的网络和IAM策略,并将所有内容上载到Amazon ECSAfter everything is setup, AWS Fargate launches and manages your containers for you.</p> <p>AWS Fargate support for <a href="">Amazon EKS</a>, the Elastic Kubernetes Service, will be available later in 2018.</p> 回顾AWS的10年划分 Mon, 26 Mar 2018 10:00:00 PDT <p><img src="/images/azheader.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>At AWS, we don&#39;t mark many anniversariesBut every year when March 14th comes around, it&#39;s a good reminder that Amazon S3 originally launched on Pi Day, <a href=";amp;p=irol-newsArticle&amp;amp;ID=830816">March 14, 2006</a>The Amazon S3 team still celebrate with homemade pies!</p> <p><a href="">March 26, 2008</a> doesn&#39;t have any delicious desserts associated with it, but that&#39;s the day when we launched <a href="">Availability Zones</a> for Amazon EC2A concept that has changed infrastructure architecture is now at the core of both AWS and customer reliability and operations.</p> <p>Powering the virtual instances and other resources that make up the AWS Cloud are real physical data centers with AWS servers in them每个数据中心都具有高可靠性,并具有冗余电源,包括UPS和发电机Even though the network design for each data center is massively redundant, interruptions can still occur.</p> <p>Availability Zones draw a hard line around the scope and magnitude of those interruptions不允许两个区域共享低级核心依赖项,例如电源或核心网络Different zones can&#39;t even be in the same building, although sometimes they are large enough that a single zone spans several buildings.</p> <p>We launched with three autonomous Availability Zones in our US East (N弗吉尼亚州)通过使用区域,和故障转移机制,如弹性IP地址和弹性负载平衡,你可以提供你的基础设施有冗余When two instances are in different zones, and one suffers from a low-level interruption, the other instance should be unaffected.</p> <h2><strong>How Availability Zones have changed over the years</strong></h2> <p>Availability Zones were originally designed for physical redundancy, but over time they have become re-used for more and more purposesZones impact how we build, deploy, and operate software, as well as how we enforce security controls between our largest systems.</p> <p>For example, many AWS services are now built so that as much functionality as possible can be autonomous within an Availability ZoneThe calls used to launch and manage EC2 instances, fail over an RDS instance, or handle the health of instances behind a load balancer, all work within one zone.</p> <p>This design has a double benefit首先,如果可用区确实断电或连接,则其余区域不受影响The second benefit is even more powerful: if there is an error in the software, the risk of that error affecting other zones is minimized.</p> <p><img src="/images/az1.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>We maximize this benefit when we deploy new versions of our software, or operational changes such as a configuration edit, as we often do so zone-by-zone, one zone in a Region at a timeAlthough we automate, and don&#39;t manage instances by hand, our 必威体育精装版app官网ers and operators know not to build tools or procedures that could impact multiple Availability ZonesI&#39;d wager that every new AWS engineer knows within their first week, if not their first day, that we never want to touch more than one zone at a time.</p> <p>Availability Zones run deep in our AWS 必威体育精装版app官网ment and operations culture, at every levelAWS customers can think of zones in terms of <em>redundancy</em>, &quot;Use two or more Availability Zones for reliability.&quot; At AWS, we think of zones in terms of <em>isolation</em>, &quot;Stay within the Availability Zone, as much as possible.&quot;</p> <h2><strong>Silo your traffic or not – you choose</strong></h2> <p>When your architecture does stay within an Availability Zone as much as possible, there are more benefitsOne is that the latency within a zone is incredibly fastToday, packets between EC2 instances in the same zone take just tens of microseconds to reach other.</p> <p>Another benefit is that redundant zonal architectures are easier to recover from complex issues and emergent behaviorsIf all of the calls between the various layers of a service stay within one Availability Zone, then when issues occur they can quickly be remediated by removing the entire zone from service, without needing to identify the layer or component that was the trigger.</p> <p><img src="/images/az2.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>Many of you also use this kind of &quot;silo&quot; pattern in your own architecture, where Amazon Route 53 or Elastic Load Balancing can be used to choose an Availability Zone to handle a request, but can also be used to keep subsequent internal requests and dependencies within that same zoneThis is only meaningful because of the strong boundaries and separation between zones at the AWS level.</p> <h2><strong>Regional isolation</strong></h2> <p>Not too long after we launched Availability Zones, we also launched our second Region, EU (Ireland)在设计早期,我们考虑运营一个无缝的全球网络,每个地区的实例之间都有开放式连接Services such as S3 would have behaved as &quot;one big S3,&quot; with keys and data accessible and mutable from either location.</p> <p>The more we thought through this design, the more we realized that there would be risks of issues and errors spreading between Regions, potentially resulting in large-scale interruptions that would defeat our most important goals:</p> <ul> <li>To provide the highest levels of availability</li> <li>To allow Regions to act as standby sites for each other</li> <li>To provide geographic diversity and lower latencies to end users</li> </ul> <p>Our experience with the benefits of Availability Zones meant that instead we doubled down on compartmentalization, and decided to isolate Regions from each other with our hardest boundariesSince then, and still today, our services operate autonomously in each Region, full stacks of S3, DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, and everything else.</p> <p><img src="/images/az3.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>Many of you still want to be able to run workloads and access data globally对于我们的边缘服务,如Amazon CloudFront,Amazon Route 53和AWS Lambda @ Edge,我们运营超过100个在线点Each is its own Availability Zone with its own compartmentalization.</p> <p>As we 必威体育精装版app官网 and ship our services that span Regions, such as S3 cross-region object replication, Amazon DynamoDB global tables, and Amazon VPC inter-region peering, we take enormous care to ensure that the dependencies and calling patterns between Regions are asynchronous and ring-fenced with high-level safety mechanisms that prevent errors from spreading.</p> <h2><strong>Doubling down on compartmentalization, again</strong></h2> <p>With the phenomenal growth of AWS, it can be humbling how many customers are being served even by our smallest Availability ZonesFor some time now, many of our services have been operating service stacks that are compartmentalized even within zones.</p> <p>For example, <a href="">AWS HyperPlane</a>—the internal service that powers NAT gateways, Network Load Balancers, and AWS PrivateLink—is internally subdivided into cells that each handle a distinct set of customers如果单元格存在任何问题,则影响不仅限于可用区,还限于该区域内的客户子集Of course, all sorts of automation immediately kick in to mitigate any impact to even that subset.</p> <p>Ten years after launching Availability Zones, we&#39;re excited that we&#39;re still relentless about reducing the impact of potential issuesWe firmly believe it&#39;s one of the most important strategies for achieving our top goals of security and availabilityWe now have 54 Availability Zones, across 18 geographic Regions, and we&#39;ve announced plans for 12 moreBeyond that geographic growth, we&#39;ll be extending the concept of compartmentalization that underlies Availability Zones deeper and deeper, to be more effective than ever.</p> 使用Amazon SageMaker进行无限可扩展的机器学习 星期一,2018年3月19日09:00 09:00 <p><img src="/images/sagemakerphases.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>In machine learning, more is usually moreFor example, training on more data means more accurate models.</p> <p>At AWS, we continue to strive to enable builders to build cutting-edge technologies faster in a secure, reliable, and scalable fashion机器学习是一种这样的转型技术,不仅对CIO和CEO来说是首要考虑因素,而且还是必威体育专业的应用官和数据科学家Last re:Invent, to make the problem of authoring, training, and hosting ML models easier, faster, and more reliable, we launched <a href="">Amazon SageMaker</a>Now, thousands of customers are trying Amazon SageMaker and building ML models on top of their data lakes in AWS.</p> <p>While building Amazon SageMaker and applying it for large-scale machine learning problems, we realized that scalability is one of the key aspects that we need to focus on因此,在设计<a href=""> Amazon SageMaker </a>时,我们遇到了一个挑战:构建可处理无限量数据的机器学习算法What does that even mean though? Clearly, no customer has an infinite amount of data.</p> <p>Nevertheless, for many customers, the amount of data that they have is indistinguishable from infiniteBill Simmons, CTO of Dataxu, states, <em>&quot;We process 3 million ad requests a second - 100,000 features per requestThat&#39;s 250 trillion ad requests per dayNot your run-of-the-mill data science problem!&quot;</em> For these customers and many more, the notion of &quot;the data&quot; does not existIt&#39;s not staticData always keeps being accruedTheir answer to the question &quot;how much data do you have?&quot; is &quot;how much can you handle?&quot;</p> <p>To make things even more challenging, a system that can handle a single large training job is not nearly good enough if training jobs are slow or expensive机器学习模型通常训练数十或数百次在必威体育精装版官网中,运行了许多不同版本的最终培训工作Then, to choose the best hyperparameters, many training jobs are run simultaneously with slightly different configurations最后,每x分钟/小时/天进行一次重新训练,以便用新数据更新模型In fraud or abuse prevention applications, models often need to react to new patterns in minutes or even seconds!</p> <p>To that end, Amazon SageMaker offers algorithms that train on indistinguishable-from-infinite amounts of data both quickly and cheaply这听起来像是一个白日梦然而,这正是我们要做的This post lifts the veil on some of the scientific, system design, and engineering decisions we made along the way.</p> <h1><strong>Streaming algorithms</strong></h1> <p>To handle unbounded amounts of data, our algorithms adopt a streaming computational model在流模型中,数据集算法只经过一次,假设固定内存足迹This memory restriction precludes basic operations like storing the data in memory, random access to individual records, shuffling the data, reading through the data several times, etc.</p> <p>Streaming algorithms are infinitely scalable in the sense that they can consume any amount of data添加更多数据点的成本与整个语料库大小无关换句话说,处理第10千兆字节和1000千兆字节在概念上是相同的算法是固定的内存占用,因此保证不要耗尽内存(崩溃)随着数据的增长计算成本和培训时间线性依赖于数据的大小Training on twice as much data costs twice as much and take twice as long.</p> <p>Finally, traditional machine learning algorithms usually consume data from persistent data sources such as local disk, Amazon S3, or Amazon EBSStreaming algorithms also natively consume ephemeral data sources such as Amazon Kinesis streams, pipes, betway88体育官网 query results, and almost any other data source.</p> <p>Another significant advantage of streaming algorithms is the notion of a <em>state</em>算法状态包含执行更新所需的所有变量,统计信息和数据结构,即继续训练所需的全部内容通过形式化这个概念并通过软件抽象来促进它,我们为所有算法提供检查点功能和故障恢复能力Moreover, checkpointing enables multi-pass/multi-epoch training for persistent data, a pause/resume mechanism that is useful for cost effective HPO, and incremental training that updates the model only with new data rather running the entire training job from scratch.</p> <h1><strong>Acceleration and distribution</strong></h1> <p>When AWS customers run large-scale training tasks on Amazon SageMaker, they are interested in reducing the running time and cost of their job, irrespective of the number and kinds of machines used under the hoodAmazon SageMaker algorithms are therefore built to take advantage of many Amazon EC2 instance types, support both CPU and GPU computation, and distribute across many machines.</p> <p>Cross-instance support relies heavily on containerizationAmazon SageMaker培训支持强大的容器管理机制,包括通过快速联网和访问底层硬件(如GPU)在不同硬件上启动大量容器例如,在一台机器上运行需要10个小时的培训作业可以在10台机器上运行,并在一小时内完成此外,将这些机器切换到支持GPU的机器可以将运行时间缩短到几分钟This can all be done without touching a single line of code.</p> <p>To seamlessly switch between CPU and GPU machines, we use Apache MXNet to interface with the underlying hardwareBy designing algorithms that operate efficiently on different types of hardware, our algorithms gain record speeds and efficiency.</p> <p>Distribution across machines is achieved via a parameter server that stores the state of all the machines participating in training参数服务器是专为最大吞吐量的异步更新参数< em > < / em >和只提供宽松的一致性的属性参数While these are unacceptable in typical relational betway88体育官网 designs, for machine learning, the tradeoff between accuracy and speed is worth it.</p> <h1><strong>Post-training model tuning and rich states</strong></h1> <p>Processing massively scalable datasets in a streaming manner poses a challenge for model tuning, also known as hyperparameter optimization (HPO)在HPO中,许多培训作业使用不同的配置或培训参数运行目标是找到最佳配置,通常是与最佳测试精度相对应的配置This is impossible in the streaming setting.</p> <p>For ephemeral data sources, the data is no longer available for rerunning the training job (for persistent data sources, this is possible but inefficient)亚马逊SageMaker算法解决这个训练有素的表达状态对象,可以创建许多不同的模型That is, a large number of different training configurations can be explored after only a single training job.</p> <h1><strong>Summary</strong></h1> <p>Amazon SageMaker offers production-ready, infinitely scalable algorithms such as:</p> <ul> <li>Linear Learner</li> <li>Factorization Machines</li> <li>Neural Topic Modeling</li> <li>Principal Component Analysis (PCA)</li> <li>K-Means clustering</li> <li>DeepAR forecasting</li> </ul> <p>They adhere to the design principles above and rely on Amazon SageMaker&#39;s robust training stack它们通过厚厚的通用SDK进行操作,允许我们在部署之前对其进行彻底测试我们有大量投资于研究和必威体育精装版应用官网的算法,其中每一个进步的艺术与其他任何开源解决方案相比,亚马逊SageMaker算法可以在更多数据上训练更大的模型在进行比较时,Amazon SageMaker算法的运行速度通常比Spark ML等其他ML解决方案快10倍Amazon SageMaker algorithms often cost cents on the dollar to train, in terms of compute costs, and produce more accurate models than the alternatives.</p> <p>I think the time is here for using large-scale machine learning in large-scale production systems拥有真正庞大且不断增长的数据集的公司不应该担心操作大型ML系统的开销,或者必须担心相关的ML专有技术。AWS is delighted to innovate on our customers&#39; behalf and to be a thought leader, especially in exciting areas like machine learning我希望并相信亚马逊SageMaker及其不断增长的算法将改变公司机器学习的方式。</ p> 使用语音解锁企业系统 2018年3月12日,星期一,06:00:00 PDT <p><img src="/images/alexaforbusiness.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>At Amazon, we are heavily invested in machine learning (ML), and are 必威体育精装版app官网ing <a href="">new tools</a> to help 必威体育精装版app官网ers quickly and easily build, train, and deploy ML modelsML的力量在于它能够释放出一套为消费者和企业创造价值的新功能A great example of this is the way we are using ML to deal with one of the world&#39;s biggest and most tangled datasets: human speech.</p> <p>Voice-driven conversation has always been the most natural way for us to communicate对话是个人的,它们传达了背景,这有助于我们相互理解谈话继续随着时间的推移,必威体育精装版应用官网历史,进而构建丰富的上下文The challenge was that technology wasn&#39;t capable of processing real human conversation.</p> <p>The interfaces to our digital system have been dictated by the capabilities of our computer systems—keyboards, mice, graphical interfaces, remotes, and touch screensTouch made things easier; it let us tap on screens to get the app that we wantedBut what if touch isn&#39;t possible or practical? Even when it is, the proliferation of apps has created a sort of &quot;app fatigue&quot;这实际上迫使我们寻找我们需要的应用程序,并且经常导致我们不使用我们已经拥有的许多应用程序这些方法都不是特别自然As a result, they fail to deliver a truly seamless and customer-centric experience that integrates our digital systems into our analog lives.</p> <p><strong>Voice becomes a game changer</strong></p> <p>Using your voice is powerful because it&#39;s spontaneous, intuitive, and enables you to interact with technology in the most natural way possible它可能被认为是通用用户界面When you use your voice, you don&#39;t need to adapt and learn a new user interfaceVoice interfaces don&#39;t need to be application-centric, so you don&#39;t have to find an app to accomplish the task that you wantAll of these benefits make voice a game changer for interacting with all kinds of digital systems.</p> <p>Until 2-3 years ago we did not have the capabilities to process voice at scale and in real timeThe availability of large scale voice training data, the advances made in software with processing engines such as Caffe, MXNet and Tensorflow, and the rise of massively parallel compute engines with low-latency memory access, such as the Amazon EC2 P3 instances have made voice processing at scale a reality.</p> <p>Today, the power of voice is most commonly used in the home or in cars to do things like play music, shop, control smart home features, and get directions各种各样的数字助理在这里发挥着重要作用当我们发布了亚马逊Alexa,聪明,云语音服务,我们建立了语音技术在AWS自然语言处理平台上由ML算法Alexa不断学习,她有成千上万的技能超越消费空间But by using the stickiness of voice, we think there are even more scenarios that can be unlocked at work.</p> <p><strong>Helping more people and organizations use voice</strong></p> <p>People interact with many different applications and systems at workSo why aren&#39;t voice interfaces being used to enable these scenarios? One impediment is the ability to manage voice-controlled interactions and devices at scale, and we are working to address this with Alexa for BusinessAlexa for Business helps companies voice-enable their spaces, corporate applications, people, and customers.</p> <p>To use voice in the workplace, you really need three things第一种是管理层,这是Alexa业务Second, you need a set of APIs to integrate with your IT apps and infrastructure, and third is having voice-enabled devices everywhere.</p> <p>Voice interfaces are a paradigm shift, and we&#39;ve worked to remove the heavy lifting associated with integrating Alexa voice capabilities into more devicesFor example, Alexa Voice Service (AVS), a cloud-based service that provides APIs to interface with Alexa, enables products built using AVS to have access to Alexa capabilities and skills.</p> <p>We&#39;re also making it easy to build skills for the things you want to do这就是Alexa技能套件和Alexa技能商店可以帮助两家公司和必威体育精装版官网的地方有些组织可能希望控制谁有权访问他们构建的技能在这些情况下,Alexa for Business允许人们创建只能由组织中的员工访问的私人技能In just a few months, our customers have built hundreds of private skills that help voice-enabled employees do everything from getting internal news briefings to asking what time their help desk closes.</p> <p><strong>Voice-enabled spaces</strong></p> <p>Just like Alexa is making smart homes easier, the same is possible in the workplaceAlexa能够控制环境,帮助你找到方向,订一个房间,报告一个问题,或发现运输One of the biggest applications of voice in the enterprise is conference rooms and we&#39;ve built some special skills in this area to allow people to be more productive.</p> <p>For example, many meetings fail to start on timeIt&#39;s usually a struggle to find the dial-in information, punch in the numbers, and enter a passcode every time a meeting starts借助Alexa for Business,管理员可以配置会议室并将日历集成到设备中当你走进一个会议时,你要说的只是“Alexa,开始我的会议”。Alexa for Business会自动从集成日历中了解会议内容,挖掘拨入信息,拨入会议提供商并开始会议Furthermore, you can also configure Alexa for Business to automatically lower the projector screen, dim the lights, and more在家工作的人也可以利用这些功能By using Amazon Echo in their home office and asking Alexa to start the meeting, employees who have Alexa for Business in their workplace are automatically connected to the meeting on their calendar.</p> <p><strong>Voice-enabled applications</strong></p> <p>Voice interfaces will really hit their stride when we begin to see more voice-enabled applications今天,Alexa可以与许多企业应用程序进行交互,包括Salesforce,Concur,ServiceNow等希望利用语音界面的IT人员可以使用Alexa技能套件启用他们的自定义应用程序,并为他们的组织提供他们的技能There are a number of agencies and SIs that can help with this, and there are code repositories with code examples for AWS services.</p> <p>We&#39;re seeing a lot of interesting use cases with Alexa for Business from a wide range of companiesWeWork,共享工作空间和服务的提供者WeWork采取Alexa, Alexa的管理业务,在他们的日常工作流程They have built private skills for Alexa that employees can use to reserve conference rooms, file help tickets for their community management team, and get important information on the status of meeting roomsAlexa for Business makes it easy for WeWork to configure and deploy Alexa-enabled devices, and the Alexa skills that they need to improve their employees&#39; productivity.</p> <p>The next generation of corporate systems and applications will be built using conversational interfaces, and we&#39;re beginning to see this happen with customers using Alexa for Business in their workplaceWant to learn more? If you are attending <a href="">Enterprise Connect</a> in Orlando next week, I encourage you to attend the AWS keynote on March 13 given by Collin DavisCollin&#39;s team has focused on helping customers use voice to manage everyday tasksHe&#39;ll have more to share about the advances we&#39;re seeing in this space, and what we&#39;re doing to help our customers be successful in a voice-enabled era.</p> <p>When it comes to enabling voice capabilities at home and in the workplace, we&#39;re here to help you build.</p> Rethinking the &#39;production&#39; of data 2017年12月20日星期三09:00:00太平洋标准时间 <p>This article titled "<a href="">Daten müssen strategischer Teil des Geschäfts werden</a>" appeared in German last week in the "IT und Datenproduktion" column of <a href="">Wirtschaftwoche</a>.</p> <p><img src="/images/industry.jpg"/ width="650"></p> <p>How companies can use ideas from mass production to create business with data</p> <p>Strategically, IT doesn&#39;t matter这是备受关注的挑衅论文从2003年条< em >《哈佛商业评论》< / em >美国发言人尼古拉斯·卡尔当时,公司以非差异化的方式将其全部投资的一半以上用于ITIn a world in which tools are equally accessible for every company, they wouldn&#39;t offer any competitive advantage – so went the argument作者建议将投资转向战略相关资源In the years that followed, many companies outsourced their IT activities because they no longer regarded them as being part of the core business.</p> <p><strong>A new age</strong></p> <p>Nearly 15 years later, the situation has changedIn today&#39;s era of global digitalization there are many examples that show that IT does matter必威体育精装版app官网ments like cloud computing, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are proving that IT has (again) become a strategic business driver这正在改变公司今天向其客户提供产品和服务的方式Take the example of industrial manufacturing: in prototyping, drafts for technologically complex products are no longer physically produced; rather, their characteristics can be tested in a purely virtual fashion at every location across the globe by using simulations德国创业公司SimScale利用这一趋势创始人注意到,在许多公司中,产品设计师以非常独立的方式与其他生产部门合作可以通过普通的Web浏览器访问SimScale平台In this way, designers are part of an ecosystem in which the functionalities of simulations, data and people come together, enabling them to 必威体育精装版app官网 better products faster.</p> <p>Value-added services are also playing an increasingly important role for both companies and their customers例如,清洁技术制造商Kärcher通过云解决方案“KärcherFleet”管理其整个车队。This transmits data from the company&#39;s cleaning devices e.g关于维护和装载的状态,使用机器的时间以及机器所在的位置The benefit for customers: Authorized users can view this data and therefore manage their inventories across different sites, making the maintenance processes much more efficient.</p> <p>Kärcher benefits as well: By 必威体育精装版app官网ing this service, the company gets exact insight into how the machines are actually used by its customersBy knowing this, Kärcher can generate new top-line revenue in the form of subscription models for its analysis portal.</p> <p><strong>More than mere support</strong></p> <p>These examples underline that the purpose of software today is not solely to support business processes, but that software solutions have broadly become an essential element in multiple business areas首先是集成平台,可以管理从市场研究到生产再到物流的所有活动如今,IT是数字商业模式的基础,因此具有增值作用例如,当销售人员在网上商店或通过移动应用与客户互动时,可以看到这一点Marketers use big data and artificial intelligence to find out more about the future needs of their customers布罗伊宁,时尚百货商店连锁沉浸在传统,已经认识到了这一点,依赖于自我——必威体育精装版应用官网电子商务平台在AWS云Breuninger uses modern templates for software 必威体育精装版app官网ment, such as Self-Contained Systems (SCS), so that it can increase the speed of software 必威体育精装版app官网ment with agile and autonomous teams and quickly test new features每个团队都按照原则行事:“你建立它,你运行它”因此,团队自己负责软件的生产操作The advantage of this approach is that when designing new applications, there is already a focus on the operating aspects.</p> <p><strong>Value creation through data</strong></p> <p>In a digital economy, data are at the core of value creation, whereas physical assets are losing their significance in business models直到1992年,S&amp; P 500指数中最受重视的公司是制造或分销东西的公司(例如制药业,贸易)今天,必威体育精装版应用官网人的技术(例如医疗技术,软件)和平台运营商(社交媒体推动者,信用卡公司)此外,与数据贸易相比,数据贸易对全球增长的贡献更大因此,IT对战略的重要性从未像现在这样重要 - 不仅对我们而言,对于数字时代的每一家公司Anyone who wants to further 必威体育精装版app官网 his business digitally can&#39;t do that today without at the same time thinking about which IT infrastructure, which software and which algorithms he needs in order to achieve his plans.</p> <p>If data take center stage then companies must learn how to create added value out of it – namely by combining the data they own with external data sources and by using modern, automated analytics processesThis is done through software and IT services that are delivered through software APIs.</p> <p>Companies that want to become successful and innovative digital players need to get better at building software solutions.We should ponder how we can organize the &#39;production&#39; of data in such a way so that we ultimately come out with a competitive advantage我们需要能够使用软件和硬件功能批量生产数据的机制这些机制需要精益,无缝和有效同时,我们需要确保满足质量要求这些正是通过制造工艺的工业化解决实物商品所面临的挑战A company that wants to industrialize &#39;software production&#39; needs to find ideas on how to achieve the same kind of lean and qualitatively first-class mass production that has already occurred for industrial goods并且不可避免地,首先要看的是精益生产方法,如看板和改善,或全面质量管理在20世纪80年代,像丰田这样的公司通过重新设计整个组织并使公司专注于类似的原则,彻底改变了生产过程Creating those conditions, both from an organizational and IT- standpoint, is one of the biggest challenges that companies face in the digital age.</p> <p><strong>Learn from lean</strong></p> <p>Can we transfer this success model to IT as well? The answer is yes在数字世界中,激活以数据为中心的流程并不断改进它们是决定性的因此,任何妨碍实验的障碍和新想法的进一步发展都应该尽快消除。每个新的IT项目都应该被视为一个必须通过数据工厂的想法 - 一个设备齐全的生产站点,其中包含易于维护的通用流程最终产品是支持数字商业模式的高质量服务或算法数字公司通过他们的想法,数据和客户关系使自己与众不同那些发现功能最快的数字商业模式的人将具有竞争优势最重要的是,必须克服软件必须克服的经营业务之间的障碍原因在于这些实验的成功,速度和频率取决于IT必威体育精品版应用官网的性能,同时也取决于业务运营解决方案的相关性Autoscout24通过其云解决方案获得了巨大的灵活性同时,该公司拥有15个自主跨学科团队,不断努力测试和探索新服务The main goal in all this is to have the possibility to quickly iterate experiments through the widest range of architectures, combine services with each other, and compare approaches.</p> <p>In order to become as agile as Autoscout24, companies need a &quot;machine&quot; that produces ideasWhy not transfer the success formulas from industrial manufacturing and the principles of quality management to the creation of software?</p> <p>German industrial companies in particular possess a manufacturing excellence that has been built up over many decadesWhere applicable, they should do their best to transfer this knowledge to their IT, and in particular to their software 必威体育精装版app官网ment.</p> <p>In many companies, internal IT knowhow has not 必威体育精装版app官网ed fast enough in the last few years – quite contrary to the technological possibilities客户在购买后立即在线提供反馈通过大数据可以实现实时分析,并且每天通过云生成软件更新Often, the IT organization and its associated processes couldn&#39;t keep up因此,专家部门昨天的结构应该是明天的来满足客户的需求长期的IT采购周期无法将创新产品和服务快速推向市场# 39;进行实质性的年代,难怪许多专业部门试图规避自己的IT部门,例如通过将活动转移到云端,它提供了许多强大的构建块通过易于使用的api,以前公司操作复杂的软件和基础设施Such a decentralized &#39;shadow IT&#39; delivers no improvements最终效果是系统的复杂性增加,这是无效的应该打破这种模式必威体育精装版app官网ment and Operations need to work hand in hand instead of working sequentially after each other, as in the old world理想情况下,这应该在许多项目平行Under the heading of DevOps – the combination of &quot;必威体育精装版app官网ment and Operations&quot; – IT guru Gene Kim has described the core characteristics of this machinery.</p> <p><strong>Ensuring the flow</strong></p> <p>Kim argues that theorganization must be built around the customer benefit and that the flow of projects must be as smooth as possible应该识别并删除阻碍创建客户利益的障碍在亚马逊,首先是通过跨职能和跨学科团队的人员配备项目此外,为了敏捷起见,团队不应超过一定的规模我们有一个规则,即团队的大小应该足以让每个人在吃完两个(大的!)比萨饼后感觉饱This approach reduces the number of necessary handovers, increases responsibility, and allows the team to provide customers with software faster.</p> <p><strong>Incorporating feedback</strong></p> <p>The earlier client feedback flows back into the &quot;production process&quot;, the better此外,公司必须确保每一个反馈应用于未来的项目To avoid getting lost in endless feedback loops, this should be organized in a lean way: Obtaining the feedback of internal and external stakeholders must by no means hamper the 必威体育精装版app官网ment process.</p> <p><strong>Learning to take risks</strong></p> <p>&quot;Good intentions never work, you need good mechanisms to make anything happen,&quot; says Jeff Bezos为此,您需要一种教导员工不断进行实验并提供实践的企业文化对每一个新实验,应该上一步风险背后的另一个小的进步同时,从每个团队,我们需要基于预定义KPI的数据来了解实验的影响And we need to establish mechanisms that take effect immediately if we go too far or if something goes wrong, for example if the solution never reached the customer.</p> <p>Anyone who has tried this knows it&#39;s not easy to start your own digital revolution in the company and keep the momentum goingP3为蜂窝运营商提供建议,并为其客户提供访问数据的能力,这些数据提供有关蜂窝网络质量的信息(例如信号强度,断开连接和数据吞吐量) - 在全球范围内独立于网络运营商和蜂窝提供商这允许客户提出措施以扩展其网络或新产品,以更有效地利用其容量通过引入DevOps工具,P3可以定义一个自动化流程,在AWS云中实现所需的计算基础架构,并通过按下按钮部署项目特定的软件包此外,流程定义可以由业务或数据科学家随时修改,例如为了新的地区,添加分析软件或实施新的AWS服务现在P3可以完全专注于其核心竞争力,即必威体育精装版应用官网其专有软件Data scientists can use their freed-up resources to analyze in real time data that are collected from around the world and put insights from the analysis at the disposal of their clients</p> <p>The cloud offers IT limitless possibilities on the technical side, from which new opportunities have been born但这# 39;年代越来越清晰的要求,以利用这些机会技术变化比人们快个人比整个组织更快应对这些挑战是战略需要改变组织是成为数字冠军的下一个瓶颈。</ p> &#39;Paris s&#39;éveille&#39;! Introducing the AWS EU (Paris) Region 星期一,2017年12月18日20:00:00 PST <p><img src="/images/paris-region.jpg"/ width="650"></p> <p>Today, I&#39;m happy to announce that the AWS EU (Paris) Region, our 18th technology infrastructure Region globally, is now generally available for use by customers worldwideWith this launch, AWS now provides 49 Availability Zones, with another 12 Availability Zones and four Regions in Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sweden, and a second AWS GovCloud (US) Region expected to come online by early 2019.</p> <p>In France, you can find one of the most vibrant startup ecosystems in the world, a strong research community, excellent energy, telecom, and transportation infrastructure, a very strong agriculture and food industry, and some of the most influential luxury brands in the world通过为企业提供快速创新的自由,云是一个在这些领域保持竞争力的机会这就是为什么成千上万的法国客户已经在全球各地区使用AWSStarting today, 必威体育精装版app官网ers, startups, and enterprises, as well as government, education, and non-profit organizations can leverage AWS to run applications and store data in France.</p> <p>French companies are using AWS to innovate in a secure way across industries as diverse as energy, financial services, manufacturing, media, pharmaceuticals and health sciences, retail, and moreCompanies of all sizes across France are also using AWS to innovate and grow, from startups like AlloResto, CaptainDash, Datadome, Drivy, Predicsis, Payplug, and Silkke to enterprises like Decathlon, Nexity, Soitec, TF1 as well as more than 80 percent of companies listed on the CAC 40, like Schneider Electric, Societe Generale, and Veolia.</p> <p>We are also seeing a strong adoption of AWS within the public sector with organizations using AWS to transform the services they deliver to the citizens of France.Kartable, Les Restos du Coeur, OpenClassrooms, Radio France, SNCF, and many more are using AWS to lower costs and speed up their rate of experimentation so they can deliver reliable, secure, and innovative services to people across the country.</p> <p>The opening of the AWS EU (Paris) Region adds to our continued investment in France在过去的11年中,AWS扩大了在该国的实体业务,在拉德芳斯开设办事处,并在巴黎和马赛推出Edge Network LocationsNow, we&#39;re opening an infrastructure Region with three Availability ZonesWe decided to locate the AWS data centers in the area of Paris, the capital and economic center of France because it is home to many of the world&#39;s largest companies, the majority of the French public sector, and some of Europe&#39;s most dynamic startups.</p> <p>To give customers the best experience when connecting to the new Region, today we are also announcing the availability of AWS Direct Connect今天,客户可以连接到AWS欧盟通过Telehouse伏尔泰(巴黎)地区2018年1月,顾客可以通过Equinix的巴黎1月和今年晚些时候通过Interxion巴黎Customers that have equipment within these facilities can use Direct Connect to optimize their connection to AWS.</p> <p>In addition to physical investments, we have also continually invested in people in France多年来,我们一直在发展客户经理,解决方案架构师,培训师,业务团队,专业服务专家以及其他工作职能部门。These teams are helping customers and partners of all sizes, including systems integrators and ISVs, to move to the cloud.</p> <p>We have also been investing in helping to grow the entire French IT community with training, education, and certification programs为了延续这一趋势,我们最近宣布计划让AWS免费培训超过25,000名法国人,帮助他们获得高度抢手的技能。这些人将通过AWS Academy,AWS Educate,AWSome days等现有计划获准访问法国的AWS培训资源他们还可以访问由AWS Technical Trainers和AWS Certified Trainers以法语提供的在线讲座To learn more about these trainings or discover when the next event will take place, visit: <a href=""></a></p> <p>All around us, we see AWS technologies fostering a culture of experimentation我一直感动多少我们的法国客户使用AWS技术已经能够实现Over the past few months we&#39;ve had <a href="">Engie</a> and <a href="">Radio France</a> at the AWS Summit, as well as <a href="">Decathlon</a>, Smatis, Soitec and <a href="">Veolia</a> at the AWS Transformation Days in Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, and Toulouse每个人都在谈论他们如何使用AWS来改造和扩展他们的组织I, for one, look forward to seeing many more innovative use cases enabled by the cloud at the next AWS Summit in France!</p> <p>Our AWS EU (Paris) Region is open for business now我们很高兴能够提供完整的服务组合,从我们的基础技术,如计算,存储和网络,到我们更先进的解决方案和应用,如人工智能,物联网,机器学习和无服务器计算我们期待继续扩大此投资组合,以便在未来包含更多服务For more information about the new AWS EU (Paris) Region, or to get started now, I would encourage you to visit: <a href=""></a>.</p> 扩展AWS云:介绍AWS中国(宁夏)地区 星期一,2017年12月11日20:00:00太平洋标准时间 <p><img src="/images/ningxia.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>Today, I am happy to announce the general availability of AWS China (Ningxia) Region, operated by Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co公司(NWCD)这是我们17日地区在全球范围内,在中国,第二To comply with China&#39;s legal and regulatory requirements, AWS has formed a strategic technology collaboration with NWCD to operate and provide services from the AWS China (Ningxia) RegionFounded in 2015, NWCD is a licensed data center and cloud services provider, based in Ningxia, China.</p> <p>Coupled with the AWS China (Beijing) Region operated by Sinnet, the AWS China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD, serves as the foundation for new cloud initiatives in China, especially in Western ChinaBoth Regions are helping to transform businesses, increase innovation, and enhance the regional economy.</p> <p>Thousands of customers in China are already using AWS services operated by Sinnet, to innovate in diverse areas such as energy, education, manufacturing, home security, mobile and internet platforms, CRM solutions, and the dairy industry, among othersThese customers include large Chinese enterprises such as Envision Energy, Xiaomi, Lenovo, OPPO, TCL, Hisense, Mango TV, and Mengniu; well-known, fast growing startups including iQiyi, VIPKID,, Xiaohongshu, Meitu, and Kunlun; and multinationals such as Samsung, Adobe, ThermoFisher Scientific, Dassault Systemes, Mapbox, Glu, and Ayla NetworksWith AWS, Chinese customers can leverage world-class technologies both within China and around the world.</p> <p>As this breadth of customers shows, we believe that AWS can and will serve China&#39;s innovation agenda我们很高兴能与宁夏的NWCD和北京的Sinnet合作,提供强大的服务组合Our offerings range from our foundational service stack for compute, storage, and networking to our more advanced solutions and applications.</p> <p>Starting today, China-based 必威体育精装版app官网ers, startups, and enterprises, as well as government, education, and non-profit organizations, can use AWS to run their applications and store their data in the new AWS China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD已经使用由Sinnet运营的AWS中国(北京)区域的客户可以直接从AWS管理控制台选择AWS China(宁夏)区域新客户可以在<a href=""> </a>申请帐户,开始使用两个AWS中国区域。</ p> 使用Amazon SageMaker加速机器学习 2017年11月29日星期三太平洋标准时间10:00:00 <p><img src="/images/sagemaker.jpg"/ width="650"></p> <p>Applications based on machine learning (ML) can provide tremendous business value然而,许多必威体育专业人士发现他们很难建立和部署As there are few individuals with this expertise, an easier process presents a significant opportunity for companies who want to accelerate their ML usage.</p> <p>Though the AWS Cloud gives you access to the storage and processing power required for ML, the process for building, training, and deploying ML models has unique challenges that often block successful use of this powerful new technology.</p> <p>The challenges begin with collecting, cleaning, and formatting training data创建数据集后,您必须扩展处理以处理数据,这通常可以是阻止程序之后,通常会有一个漫长的过程的训练,包括调整旋钮和杠杆,称为hyperparameters,控制训练算法的不同方面Finally, figuring out how to move the model into a scalable production environment can often be slow and inefficient for those that do not do it routinely.</p> <p>At Amazon Web Services, we&#39;ve committed to helping you unlock the value of your data through ML, through a set of supporting tools and resources that improve the ML model 必威体育精装版app官网ment experienceFrom the Deep Learning AMI and the distributed Deep Learning AWS CloudFormation template, to Gluon in Apache MXNet, we&#39;ve focused on improvements that remove the roadblocks to 必威体育精装版app官网ment.</p> <p>We also recently announced the Amazon ML Solutions Lab, which is a program to help you accelerate your use of ML in products and processesAs the adoption of these technologies continues to grow, customers have demanded a managed service for ML, to make it easier to get started.</p> <p>Today, we are announcing the general availability of <a href="">Amazon SageMaker</a>This new managed service enables data scientists and 必威体育精装版app官网ers to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy ML models without getting mired in the challenges that slow this process down today.</p> <p>Amazon SageMaker provides the following features:</p> <ul> <li>Hosted Jupyter notebooks that require no setup, so that you can start processing your training dataset and 必威体育精装版app官网ing your algorithms immediately.</li> <li>One-click, on-demand distributed training that sets up and tears down the cluster after training.</li> <li>Built-in, high-performance ML algorithms, re-engineered for greater, speed, accuracy, and data-throughput.</li> <li>Built-in model tuning (hyperparameter optimization) that can automatically adjust hundreds of different combinations of algorithm parameters.</li> <li>An elastic, secure, and scalable environment to host your models, with one-click deployment.</li> </ul> <p>In the hosted notebook environment, Amazon SageMaker takes care of establishing secure network connections in your VPC and launching an ML instance此必威体育精装版app官网工作空间还预装了必要的Python库和CUDA驱动程序,附加Amazon EBS卷以自动保存笔记本文件,并安装TensorFlow,Apache MXNet和Keras深度学习框架Amazon SageMaker also includes common examples to help you get started quickly.</p> <p>For training, you simply indicate the type and quantity of ML instances you need and initiate training with a single click然后,Amazon SageMaker会设置分布式计算群集,安装软件,执行培训,并在完成后拆除群集You only pay for the resources that you use and never have to worry about the underlying infrastructure.</p> <p>Amazon SageMaker also reduces the amount of time spent tuning models using built-in hyperparameter optimization这种技术自动调整的数百种不同的组合参数,快速到达你的ML问题的最佳解决方案With high-performance algorithms, distributed computing, managed infrastructure, and hyperparameter optimization, Amazon SageMaker drastically decreases the training time and overall cost of building production systems.</p> <p>When you are ready to deploy, Amazon SageMaker offers an elastic, secure, and scalable environment to host your ML models, with one-click deploymentAfter training, Amazon SageMaker provides the model artifacts for deployment to EC2 or anywhere else然后指定ML实例的类型和数量Amazon SageMaker takes care of launching the instances, deploying the model, and setting up the HTTPS endpoint for your application to achieve low latency / high throughput prediction.</p> <p>In production, Amazon SageMaker manages the compute infrastructure to perform health checks, apply security patches, and conduct other routine maintenance, all with built-in Amazon CloudWatch monitoring and logging.</p> <p>Before Amazon SageMaker, you were faced with a tradeoff between the flexibility to use different frameworks and the ease of use of a single platform在AWS,我们相信提供选择,因此Amazon SageMaker可以解决这个问题You can now use the tools of your choice, with a single environment for training and hosting ML models.</p> <p>Amazon SageMaker provides a set of built-in algorithms for traditional ML对于深度学习,Amazon SageMaker为您提供了提交MXNet或TensorFlow脚本的能力,并使用分布式培训环境生成深度学习模型If you use Apache Spark, you can use Amazon SageMaker&#39;s library to leverage the advantages of Amazon SageMaker from a familiar environment您甚至可以在Docker容器中使用自己的算法和框架,并使用Amazon SageMaker管理培训和托管环境Just like in Amazon RDS, where we support multiple engines like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Aurora, we support multiple frameworks in Amazon SageMaker.</p> <p>Finally, one of the best aspects of Amazon SageMaker is its modular architecture您可以使用其构建,培训和托管功能的任意组合来适应您的工作流程例如,您可以使用构建和训练能力准备生产就绪毫升模型,然后将模型部署到一个设备上的优势,比如AWS DeepLensOr, you may use only its hosting capabilities to simplify the deployment of models that you&#39;ve already trained elsewhereThe flexibility of Amazon SageMaker&#39;s architecture enables you to easily incorporate its benefits into your existing ML workflows in whatever combination is best.</p> <p><a href="">Amazon SageMaker</a> is available today to all customers, in US East (N弗吉尼亚州),美国东部(俄亥俄州),美国西部(俄勒冈州)和欧盟西部(爱尔兰)立即免费试用Amazon SageMaker <a href=""> </a>并立即开始使用!</ p> 通过在线群集调整来扩展Amazon ElastiCache for Redis 2017年11月21日星期二太平洋标准时间10:00:00 <p><img src="/images/ecredis.png" width="650"></p> <p><a href="">Amazon ElastiCache</a> embodies much of what makes fast data a reality for customers looking to process high volume data at incredible rates, faster than traditional betway88体育官网s can manage必威体育精装版app官网ers love the performance, simplicity, and in-memory capabilities of Redis, making it among the most popular NoSQL key-value storesRedis&#39;s microsecond latency has made it a de facto choice for cachingIts support for advanced data structures (for example, lists, sets, and sorted sets) also enables a variety of in-memory use cases such as leaderboards, in-memory analytics, messaging, and more.</p> <p>Four years ago, as part of our AWS fast data journey, we introduced <a href="">Amazon ElastiCache for Redis</a>, a fully managed, in-memory data store that operates at microsecond latency从那时起,我们增加了对Redis集群的支持,使客户能够运行速度更快,可扩展性更高的工作负载ElastiCache for Redis cluster configuration supports up to 15 shards and enables customers to run Redis workloads with up to 6.1 TB of in-memory capacity in a single clusterWhile Redis cluster configuration enabled larger deployments with high performance, resizing the cluster required backup and restore, which meant taking the cluster offline.</p> <p>Earlier this month, we announced online cluster resizing within ElastiCacheElastiCache for Redis现在提供了从正在运行的集群添加和删除分片的功能您现在可以动态扩展甚至扩展Redis集群工作负载,以适应需求变化ElastiCache resizes the cluster by adding or removing shards and redistributing keys uniformly across the new shard configuration, all while the cluster continues to stay online and serve requestsNo application changes are needed.</p> <p><strong>Scaling with elasticity</strong></p> <p>Having closely watched ElastiCache evolve over the years, I am delighted to see ElastiCache being used by thousands of customers – including the likes of Airbnb, Hulu, McDonalds, Adobe, Expedia, Hudl, Grab, Duolingo, PBS, HERE, and UbisoftElastiCache for Redis提供可预测的微秒延迟,并且非常易于使用我们的客户在最苛刻的应用程序中使用ElastiCache for Redis,为数百万用户提供支持Whether it is gaming, adtech, travel, or retail—speed wins, it&#39;s simple.</p> <p>As the use cases for Redis continue to grow, customers have demanded more flexibility in scaling their workloads dynamically, while continuing to be highly available and serving incoming trafficTo give you some examples, I&#39;ve been talking to a few gaming companies lately, and their conversations are about the need for speed and flexibility in scaling, both in and outThey deal with high variability in workloads based on game adoption or seasonality, such as upcoming holidays如果游戏排行榜由于新的游戏标题而激增,并且大量玩家蜂拥而至玩游戏,游戏平台希望在线调整群集大小以处理更大的负载But as demand decreases, they should just as easily be able to scale-in the environment to optimize costs, all while staying online and serving incoming requests.</p> <p>Our retail customers have shared similar challenges about managing workload surges and declines driven by big sale events一些客户还分享了他们尝试自我管理Redis工作负载和实施在线群集大小调整的经验,适用于无法进行离线群集调整大小的工作负载虽然开源Redis带有原语来帮助重新组合群集,但它们还不够除了自我管理的成本之外,客户还必须在群集大小调整期间处理故障Failures can leave the cluster in an irrecoverable state, potentially causing data loss and extended downtime until the cluster can be fixed manually.</p> <p>At Amazon, we have always focused on innovating on behalf of the customer与在线集群调整,我们的目标是设计一个完整的管理经验为集群重新切分,将支持扩大和缩小和保留了开源的兼容性It has been an exciting journey—one of thought leadership and innovation—that has enabled us to bring the promise of more elasticity and the flexibility to resize workloads, while retaining availability, consistency, and performance.</p> <p><strong>Under the hood</strong></p> <p>In a Redis cluster, the key space is split into slots (16,384 slots) and slots are distributed across shards当resharded集群时,这些槽需要重新分配使用Redis的应用程序可以选择此功能,因为Redis客户端可以自动发现并保持最新的插槽分配更改但是,必须在服务器端手动移动插槽群集大小调整是一个复杂的问题,因为它涉及更改分片数量和迁移数据,同时在同一数据集上提供读取和写入请求A resharding operation to scale out involves adding shards, creating a plan for redistributing slots, migrating the slots, and finally transferring slot ownership across shards, after the slots are migrated.</p> <p><strong>Atomic slot migration</strong></p> <p>Online cluster resizing in ElastiCache uses atomic slot migration instead of the atomic key migration that open source Redis comes with当一个关键是迁移到目标碎片,ElastiCache保持碎片复制的关键来源,保留所有权的关键,直到整个槽及其所有密钥迁移This has several benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Because all the keys in the slot continue to be owned by the source shard, the dataset is never in a slot-split situationThis makes it easy to support operations such as multi-key commands, transactions, and LUA scripts, thereby providing full API coverage while cluster resharding is in progress.</li> <li>While slot migration is in progress, the source shard continues to support requests related to keys that have been migratedThis minimizes the time window requiring client redirection, improving latency during migration operation.</li> <li>Key ownership stays with the source shard, so replicas in the source shard have up-to-date information on the keysIf there is a failover, the replicas can continue serving commands with the latest key status and there is no data loss.</li> <li>The system is more robustAny errors such as target out of memory, which may halt migration, are easy to recover from, because the source shard has full ownership of the key.</li> </ul> <p>We have also made other enhancements along the way一个重要的补充是在源分片处使用多线程操作源shard中的Slot迁移作为与主I / O线程的单独线程并行执行因此,密钥迁移不再阻止源上的I / O,从而确保不会影响可用性Additionally, to maintain data consistency, all data mutations during the migration operation are asynchronously replicated to the target shard.</p> <p>Online cluster resizing is a fantastic addition for our ElastiCache for Redis customers您可以调整ElastiCache for Redis 3.2.10集群的大小以进行横向扩展或扩展,而无需进行任何应用程序端更改For more information about getting started with clustered Redis and trying to reshard a cluster, see <a href="">Online Cluster Resizing</a>.</p> <p>Many of our customers share my excitement:</p> <ul> <li><p><strong>Duolingo</strong> is the free, science-based, language education platform that has organically become the most popular way to learn languages onlineWith over 200 million users and seven billion language exercises completed each month, the company&#39;s mission is to make education free, fun, and accessible to all&quot;Amazon ElastiCache has played an absolutely critical part in our infrastructure from the beginning,&quot; said Max Blaze, Staff Operations Engineer at Duolingo“随着我们的成长,我们已经突破了单一分片群集的可能性ElastiCache for Redis online resharding will allow us to easily scale our Redis clusters horizontally as we grow, greatly simplifying the management of our many Redis clusters, empowering us to scale quickly while also reducing cost across our caching layers, and continue to grow with minimal changes to our current services.</p></li> <li><p><strong>Dream11</strong> , India&#39;s #1 fantasy sports platform with a growing user base, has over 14 million users in South Asia&quot;We have been using ElastiCache for Redis with sharded configuration since its launch last year, supporting over 14 million users playing fantasy games of cricket, football, and kabaddi凭借每分钟150万请求的高峰需求和快速增加10倍的工作负载,我们的平台需要按需扩展,无需停机This feature enables us to scale-in and scale-out our platform to support the fluctuating game demand, and not having to over provision,&quot; said Abhishek Ravi, CIO.</p></li> <li><p>&quot;At <strong>SocialCode</strong> , our data and intelligence allow Fortune 500 marketers to know and connect with their customers by harnessing the most important digital media platforms -- like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube.&quot; Using the new online resharding feature of ElastiCache for Redis will allow us to scale out our ever-growing Audience Intelligence product as we continue to on-board brand dataThe ability to perform these scaling operations without downtime is priceless!&quot;</p></li> </ul> <p>For the What&#39;s New announcement, see <a href="">Amazon ElastiCache for Redis introduces dynamic addition and removal of shards while continuing to serve workloads</a>.</p> 十年的发电机:为下一波高性能,互联网规模的应用提供动力 星期一,2017年10月02 11:00:00 PDT <p><img src="/images/decadedynamo.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>Today marks the 10 year anniversary of <a href="">Amazon&#39;s Dynamo whitepaper</a>, a milestone that made me reflect on how much innovation has occurred in the area of betway88体育官网s over the last decade and a good reminder on why taking a customer obsessed approach to solving hard problems can have lasting impact beyond your original expectations.</p> <p>It all started in 2004 when Amazon was running Oracle&#39;s enterprise edition with clustering and replication我们拥有一支先进的betway88体育官网管理员团队,并可以访问Oracle内部的顶级专家We were pushing the limits of what was a leading commercial betway88体育官网 at the time and were unable to sustain the availability, scalability and performance needs that our growing Amazon business demanded.</p> <p>Our straining betway88体育官网 infrastructure on Oracle led us to evaluate if we could 必威体育精装版app官网 a purpose-built betway88体育官网 that would support our business needs for the long termWe prioritized focusing on requirements that would support high-scale, mission-critical services like Amazon&#39;s shopping cart, and questioned assumptions traditionally held by relational betway88体育官网s such as the requirement for strong consistencyOur goal was to build a betway88体育官网 that would have the unbounded scalability, consistent performance and the high availability to support the needs of our rapidly growing business.</p> <p>A deep dive on how we were using our existing betway88体育官网s revealed that they were frequently not used for their relational capabilities大约70%的操作属于键值类型,其中仅使用主键并且将返回单行About 20 percent would return a set of rows, but still operate on only a single table.</p> <p>With these requirements in mind, and a willingness to question the status quo, a small group of distributed systems experts came together and designed a horizontally scalable distributed betway88体育官网 that would scale out for both reads and writes to meet the long-term needs of our businessThis was the genesis of the Amazon Dynamo betway88体育官网.</p> <p>The success of our early results with the Dynamo betway88体育官网 encouraged us to write <a href="">Amazon&#39;s Dynamo whitepaper</a> and share it at the 2007 ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP conference), so that others in the industry could benefitThe Dynamo paper was well-received and served as a catalyst to create the category of distributed betway88体育官网 technologies commonly known today as &quot;NoSQL.&quot;</p> <p>Of course, no technology change happens in isolation, and at the same time NoSQL was evolving, so was cloud computing随着我们开始发展AWS业务,我们意识到外部客户可能会发现我们的Dynamo betway88体育官网与Amazon.com中发现的一样有用So, we set out to build a fully hosted AWS betway88体育官网 service based upon the original Dynamo design.</p> <p>The requirements for a fully hosted cloud betway88体育官网 service needed to be at an even higher bar than what we had set for our Amazon internal systemThe cloud-hosted version would need to be:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Scalable</strong> – The service would need to support hundreds of thousands, or even millions of AWS customers, each supporting their own internet-scale applications.</li> <li><strong>Secure</strong> – The service would have to store critical data for external AWS customers which would require an even higher bar for access control and security.</li> <li><strong>Durable and Highly-Available</strong> – The service would have to be extremely resilient to failure so that all AWS customers could trust it for their mission-critical workloads as well.</li> <li><strong>Performant</strong> – The service would need to be able to maintain <em>consistent</em> performance in the face of diverse customer workloads.</li> <li><strong>Manageable</strong> – The service would need to be easy to manage and operateThis was perhaps the most important requirement if we wanted a broad set of users to adopt the service.</li> </ul> <p>With these goals in mind, <a href="">In January, 2012 we launched Amazon DynamoDB</a>, our cloud-based NoSQL betway88体育官网 service designed from the ground up to support extreme scale, with the security, availability, performance and manageability needed to run mission-critical workloads.</p> <p>Today, DynamoDB powers the next wave of high-performance, internet-scale applications that would overburden traditional relational betway88体育官网sMany of the world&#39;s largest internet-scale businesses such as Lyft, Tinder and Redfin as well as enterprises such as Comcast, Under Armour, BMW, Nordstrom and Toyota depend on DynamoDB&#39;s scale and performance to support their mission-critical workloads.</p> <p>DynamoDB is used by <a href="">Lyft</a> to store GPS locations for all their rides, <a href="">Tinder</a> to store millions of user profiles and make billions of matches, <a href="">Redfin</a> to scale to millions of users and manage data for hundreds of millions of properties, <a href="">Comcast</a> to power their XFINITY X1 video service running on more than 20 million devices, <a href="">BMW</a> to run its car-as-a-sensor service that can scale up and down by two orders of magnitude within 24 hours, <a href="">Nordstrom</a> for their recommendations engine reducing processing time from 20 minutes to a few seconds, <a href=";amp;t=746s">Under Armour</a> to support its connected fitness community of 200 million users, <a href="">Toyota Racing</a> to make real time decisions on pit-stops, tire changes, and race strategy, and another 100,000+ AWS customers for a wide variety of high-scale, high-performance use cases.</p> <p>With all the real-world customer use, DynamoDB has proven itself on those original design dimensions:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Scalable</strong> – DynamoDB supports customers with single tables that serve millions of requests per second, store hundreds of terabytes, or contain over 1 trillion items of dataIn support of Amazon Prime Day 2017, the biggest day in Amazon retail history, <a href="">DynamoDB served over 12.9 million requests per second</a>DynamoDB operates in <a href="">all AWS regions</a> (16 geographic regions now with announced plans for six more Regions in Bahrain, China, France, Hong Kong, Sweden), so you can have a scalable betway88体育官网 in the geographic region you need.</li> <li><strong>Secure</strong> – DynamoDB provides fine-grained access control at the table, item, and attribute level, integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management<a href="">VPC Endpoints</a> give you the ability to control whether network traffic between your application and DynamoDB traverses the public Internet or stays within your virtual private cloud与AWS CloudWatch,AWS CloudTrail和AWS Config的集成支持监控,审计和配置管理SOC, PCI, ISO, FedRAMP, HIPAA BAA, and DoD Impact Level 4 certifications allows customers to meet a wide range of compliance standards.</li> <li><strong>Durable and Highly-Available</strong> – DynamoDB maintains data durability and 99.99 percent availability in the event of a server, a rack of servers, or an Availability Zone failureDynamoDB automatically re-distributes your data to healthy servers to ensure there are always multiple replicas of your data without you needing to intervene.</li> <li><strong>Performant</strong> – DynamoDB consistently delivers single-digit millisecond latencies even as your traffic volume increasesIn addition, <a href="">DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)</a> a fully managed, highly available, in-memory cache further speeds up DynamoDB response times from milliseconds to microseconds and can continue to do so at millions of requests per second.</li> <li><strong>Manageable</strong> – DynamoDB eliminates the need for manual capacity planning, provisioning, monitoring of servers, software upgrades, applying security patches, scaling infrastructure, monitoring, performance tuning, replication across distributed datacenters for high availability, and replication across new nodes for data durabilityAll of this is done for you automatically and with zero downtime so that you can focus on your customers, your applications, and your business.</li> <li><strong>Adaptive Capacity</strong> –DynamoDB intelligently adapts to your table&#39;s unique storage needs, by scaling your table storage <em>up</em> by horizontally partitioning them across many servers, or <em>down</em> with <a href="">Time To Live (TTL)</a> that deletes items that you marked to expireDynamoDB provides <a href="">Auto Scaling</a>, which automatically adapts your table throughput up or down in response to actual traffic to your tables and indexesAuto Scaling is on by default for all new tables and indexes.</li> </ul> <p>Ten years ago, we never would have imagined the lasting impact our efforts on Dynamo would haveWhat started out as an exercise in solving our own needs in a customer obsessed way, turned into a catalyst for a broader industry movement towards non-relational betway88体育官网s, and ultimately, an enabler for a new class of internet-scale applications.</p> <p>As we say at AWS, It is still Day One for DynamoDB我们相信,我们正处在一个变革的时期betway88体育官网,并采用专用betway88体育官网年代像DynamoDB只是开始我们预计,未来十年将会看到更多的创新betway88体育官网比过去十年代I know the team is working on some exciting new things for DynamoDB – I can&#39;t wait to share them with you over the upcoming months.</p> As-Salaam-Alaikum:云到达中东! 星期一,2017年9月25日10:00:00 PDT <p><img src="/images/assalaam.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>Today, I am excited to announce plans for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring an infrastructure Region to the Middle East! This move is another milestone in our global expansion and mission to bring flexible, scalable, and secure cloud computing infrastructure to organizations around the world总部设在巴林,这将是AWS在中东的第一个区域The Region will be in the heart of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, and we&#39;re aiming to have it ready by early 2019This Region will consist of three Availability Zones at launch, and it will provide even lower latency to users across the Middle East.</p> <p>This news marks the 22nd AWS Region we have announced globally我们已经有44可用性区域今天16个地理区域,客户可以使用我们在中国,法国,香港和瑞典还有另外五个AWS区域(和14个可用区域)Plus another AWS GovCloud (US) Region in the United States is coming online by the end of 2018.</p> <p>I&#39;m also excited to announce today that we are launching an AWS Edge Network Location in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the first quarter of 2018这将使Amazon CloudFront,Amazon Route 53,AWS Shield和AWS WAF进入该地区,并增加AWS在全球的84个存在点Despite this rapid growth, we don&#39;t plan to slow down or stop there: we will bring infrastructure everywhere needed to meet our customers&#39; expectations.</p> <p>2017 continues a busy year for AWS in the Middle East早在1月份,我们在该地区开设了办事处,为快速增长的客户群提供服务我们现在在阿联酋迪拜和巴林麦纳麦开展业务,拥有客户经理,解决方案架构师,合作伙伴经理,专业服务顾问,支持人员和各种其他职能团队,以便客户可以直接与AWS合作对于新的AWS基础设施区域,我们还将招聘数据中心工程师,支持工程师,工程运营经理,安全专家等等We are continually hiring in the Middle East, so those people looking to join our dynamic and rapidly growing team should visit <a href="./../../AppData/Local/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/63HRWC0U/"></a>.</p> <p>In addition to infrastructure, offices, and jobs another investment AWS is making for its customers in the Middle East, and around the world is to run our business in the most environmentally friendly way启动此AWS区域的一个重要标准是利用可再生能源为其提供动力的机会我们选择了巴林部分由于增长# 39;年代关注可再生能源目标和执行准备构建一个新的太阳能设施来满足我们的能源需求I&#39;m pleased to announce that the Bahrain Energy and Water Authority (EWA) will construct a solar farm that will supply renewable energy to power this infrastructure RegionEWA expects to bring the 100 MW solar farm online in 2019, making it the country&#39;s first utility-scale renewable energy project.</p> <p>You might not know that AWS has a long history of working with customers in the Middle East自我们业务发展初期以来,我们一直在支持这一地区组织的发展我们有支持必威体育精装版应用官网整个地区的技术技能培训和认证计划,帮助客户必威体育精装版应用官网技能设计、部署和运营的基础设施和应用AWS云We run a range of programs to give people cloud skills, from AWSome Days – a one-day workshop-based training for technical professionals - to online resources such as webinars, whitepapers, articles, and tutorials that help to educate people about AWS.</p> <p>In the education sector we have been supporting the 必威体育精装版app官网ment of technology and cloud skills amongst tertiary institutes in the Middle East through the AWS Educate program这为学生和教育工作者提供了加速云相关学习所需的资源AWS Educate is already available for students attending institutes such as King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, the Higher Colleges of Technology in UAE, Bahrain Polytechnic, University of Bahrain, as well as Oman College of Management and Technology, the Jordan University of Science and Technology, and many others across the region.</p> <p>For those not in tertiary education, but looking to launch their own business in the Middle East, we have AWS Activate这使得初创公司可以通过AWS专家获得指导和1:1的时间访问,以及基于Web的培训,自定进度实验室,客户支持,第三方优惠以及高达100,000美元的AWS服务信用额度我们还与一些孵化器和加速器在沙特阿拉伯,AWS与阿卜杜勒阿齐兹国王科技城(KACST)的技术孵化器和加速器Badir计划合作通过与Badir合作,AWS为创业公司提供技术资源访问以及专家建议,帮助沙特青年创业,并在沙特王国发展新业务我们还与阿联酋的AstroLabs和巴林的Cloud 10 Scalerator以及该地区的一些活跃的国际创业加速器和孵化器组织合作,如500 Startups,Startupbootcamp和TechstarsFor more details on AWS Activate visit <a href=""></a>.</p> <p>Through supporting new and existing businesses across the Middle East, organizations of all sizes – in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, and other countries – have been increasingly moving their mission-critical applications to AWSSome of the Middle East&#39;s most established enterprises, such as Actel, Al Tayer Group, Batelco, flydubai, Hassan Allam, Middle East Broadcasting Center, Silah Gulf,, Union Insurance, United Arab Shipping Company, and many others, are using AWS to drive cost savings, accelerate innovation, and speed time-to-market.</p> <p>One story from the Middle East I particularly like is flydubai, the leading low-cost airline in the regionflydubai选择在AWS上建立他们的在线登记平台,并在四个月内从设计到生产它现在每天被成千上万的乘客使用他们还将新基础设施服务的交付周期从最多10周减少到几个小时Given the seasonal fluctuations in demand for flights, flydubai also needs IT infrastructure that allows it to cope with spikes in demand, making this a great use case for cloud.</p> <p>AWS also works with a number of government organizations across the Middle East巴林教育部,司法部和巴林公共行政学院(BIPA)正在将工作量转移到AWSBIPA已将其学习管理系统迁移至AWS,将成本降低了90%以上Another government organization using AWS to reduce costs and increase agility is the Bahrain Information &amp; eGovernment Authority (iGA)iGA是政府主管部门所有政府服务在线和移动还负责ICT治理和巴林政府采购今年早些时候iGA推出了云第一次政策,要求新政府工作量评估云计算服务通过采用云优先政策,他们帮助将新技术的政府采购流程从数月减少到不到两周They are also migrating 700 government websites, with more than 50 TB of data, onto AWS, helping them to meet their goal of decommissioning their hosting platform by the end of 2017.</p> <p>In addition to enterprises and government institutions, startups in the region are also choosing AWS as the foundation for their business and to scale rapidly and expand their geographic reach in minutes这些创业公司包括Alpha Apps,Blu Loyalty,Cequens,DevFactory,Dubizzle,Fetchr,Genie9,,Namshi,OneGCC,,Payfort,Tajawal和Ubuy,以及中东独角兽,CareemCareem完全在AWS上运行,在过去五年中每年增长10倍另一个很酷的启动,来自中东AnghamiAnghami是一种音乐服务,它使用AWS每天增加10000多万首歌曲目录使用Amazon S3Anghami每月服务超过7.5亿Having only been founded in 2012, Anghami has grown rapidly and now has over 50 million users, and offers instant access to over 26 million songs, making it the number one music platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.</p> <p>Alongside customers, we also work with a vibrant partner ecosystem across the Middle East, including AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners that have built cloud practices and innovative technology solutions on AWSAWS APN Consulting and Technology Partners in the Middle East that are helping customers to migrate to the cloud include Al Moayyed Computers, Batelco, C5, du, DXC Technology, Falcon 9, Infonas, Integra Technologies, ITQAN Cloud, Human Technologies, Kaar Technologies, Navlink, Redington, Zain, and many othersAs we head toward the opening of the AWS Middle East Region we look forward to working with many more partners.</p> <p>Despite being active in the Middle East for many years, and the rapid growth we have seen, it is still Day One for us at AWS由于云计算,我们很高兴看到未来几年将在中东地区发展的新应用,业务和整个行业随着我们在中东和世界各地的业务增长,我们也期待与初创公司,企业,公共部门以及私营部门等客户合作。For more information on our activities in the Middle East, including webinars, meetups, customer case studies, and more, please visit the AWS Middle East page at <a href=""></a>.</p> 适用于所有人的AI - 公司如何从机器学习的进步中受益 周一,04九月2017 10:00:00 PDT <p>This article titled "<a href="">Wie Unternehmen vom Vormarsch des maschinellen Lernens profitieren können</a>" appeared in German last week in the "Digitaliserung" column of <a href="">Wirtschaftwoche</a>.</p> <p><img src="/images/industry.jpg"/ width="650"></p> <p>When a technology has its breakthrough, can often only be determined in hindsight在人工智能(AI)和机器学习(ML),这是不同的ML是AI的一部分,用于描述规则并识别来自大量数据的模式,以便预测未来的数据Both concepts are virtually omnipresent and at the top of most buzzword rankings.</p> <p>Personally, I think – and this is clearly linked to the rise of AI and ML – that there has never been a better time than today to 必威体育精装版app官网 smart applications and use themWhy? Because three things are coming together第一:全球用户正在以数字方式捕获数据,无论是通过传感器还是GPS在物理世界中,还是通过点击流数据在线获取因此,可获得大量数据其次,有足够的可负担得起的云计算能力的公司和组织,无论其大小,使用智能应用程序And thirdly, an &quot;algorithmic revolution&quot; has taken place, meaning it is now possible to train trillions of algorithms simultaneously, making the whole machine learning process much fasterThis has allowed for more research, which has resulted in reaching the &quot;critical mass&quot; in knowledge that is needed to kick off an exponential growth in the 必威体育精装版app官网ment of new algorithms and architectures.</p> <p>We may have come a relatively long way with AI, but the progress came quietly毕竟,在过去的50年里,AI和ML是只有研究人员和科学家专属圈子才能进入的领域That is now changing, as packages of AI and ML services, frameworks and tools are today available to all sorts of companies and organizations, including those that don&#39;t have dedicated research groups in this field麦肯锡的管理顾问预计,基于人工智能的服务,软件和硬件的全球市场将每年增长15-25%,到2025年达到1300亿美元左右许多初创企业正在使用人工智能算法来实现所有可想象的事情 - 在医学图像中搜索肿瘤,帮助人们学习外语,或者在保险公司中自动化索赔处理At the same time, entirely new categories of applications are being created whereby a natural conversation between man and machine is taking center-stage.</p> <p><strong>Progress through machine learning </strong></p> <p>Is the hype surrounding AI and ML even justified? Definitely, because they offer business and society fascinating possibilities在数字化和高性能计算机的帮助下,我们能够在某些领域复制人类智能,例如计算机视觉,甚至超越人类的智慧我们创造了非常不同的算法广泛的应用领域和这些各个部分转化为服务以便毫升对每个人来说都是可用的ML可以打包成应用程序和商业模式,让我们的生活更愉快或更安全采取自动驾驶:美国90%的车祸可以追溯到“人为失灵”。假设是事故的数量将下降长期如果车辆自主驾驶In aviation, this has already been reality for a long time.</p> <p>MIT pioneers Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee predict that the macroeconomic effect of the so-called &quot;second machine age&quot; will be comparable to what the steam engine once unleashed when it replaced humans&#39; muscular strength (&quot;the first machine age&quot;)许多人对人工智能存在人工智能这一想法感到不安这是可以理解的We must therefore discuss – parallel to the technological 必威体育精装版app官网ments – how humans and AI can co-exist in the future; the moral and ethical aspects that arise; how to ensure we have a good grip on AI; and which legal parameters we need in order to manage all this回答这些问题与解决技术挑战的努力同样重要,教条和意识形态都无济于事Instead, what&#39;s needed is an objective, broad-based debate that takes into account the wellbeing of society as a whole.</p> <p><strong>Machine Leaning at Amazon</strong></p> <p>For the past 20 years, thousands of software engineers at Amazon have been working on ML我们敢于声称我们是将AI和ML作为业务技术应用最长的公司We know that innovative technologies always take off whenever barriers to entry fall for market participants.</p> <p>That is the case right now with AI and ML在过去,任何想要为自己使用AI的人都必须从头开始:必须用大量的数据来提供它们 - 即使他后来需要一个严格限制的上下文的应用程序This is referred to as so-called &quot;weak&quot; AI许多消费者接口,今天每个人都熟悉,如建议,相似点或自动填充功能搜索预测——他们都是毫升驱动的In the meantime, they can predict inventory levels or vendor lead times, detect customer problems and automatically deduct how to solve them; and discover counterfeit goods and sort out abusive reviews, thereby protecting our customers from fraud但这只是冰山一角在亚马逊,我们坐拥数十亿的历史订单信息数据,这使我们能够创建基于AI的其他基于AI / ML的模型,用于许多不同类型的功能For example programming interfaces that 必威体育精装版app官网ers can use to analyze images, change text into true-to-life language or create chatbots但最终,每个想要定义模型,训练模型然后进行扩展的人都可以找到一些东西Pre-configured, attuned libraries and deep learning frameworks are widely available, which allow anyone to get started very fast.</p> <p>Companies like Netflix, Nvidia, or Pinterest use our capabilities in ML and deep learningMore and more layers are being created in a kind of ecosystem on which companies and organizations can &#39;dock&#39; their business – depending on how deep they want to, and are able to, immerse themselves in the subject matter决定性的是层的开放性和基础设施的可靠可用性在过去,人工智能技术非常昂贵,使用它们几乎不值得Today, AI and ML technologies are available off the shelf, and they can be called up according to one&#39;s individual requirements它们构成了新业务模式的基础Even users who are not AI specialists can very easily and affordably incorporate the building blocks into their own services特别是具有创新实力的中小型公司可以从中受益They do not have to learn any complex ML algorithms and technologies, and they can experiment without incurring high costs.</p> <p><strong>Artificial intelligence helps to satisfy the customer</strong></p> <p>One of the most advanced areas of application is e-commerceAI-supported pre-selection mechanisms help companies to free their customers&#39; decision making from complexity最终目标是客户满意度如果只有三种类型的牙膏,顾客可以轻松选择一种并感觉良好当提供超过50种时,选择变得复杂You have to decide, but you&#39;re not sure if the decision is the right one可能性越大,对客户来说就越困难Our best-known algorithms come from this field: filtering product suggestions based on one&#39;s purchase history of products with similar attributes, or on the behavior of other customers who were interested in similar things.</p> <p>Of course, consistent quality also contributes to the satisfaction of the customer聪明的支持使得供应商和客户的生活更轻松例如,对于亚马逊新鲜,我们有必须了解新鲜杂货的外观,这个州持续多久以及何时不再出售食品的算法Airlines or rail transport companies could also use this for their quality control by running an algorithm based on the image data of the freight; the algorithm would recognize damaged goods and automatically sort them out.</p> <p><strong>If you can predict demand, you can plan more efficiently</strong></p> <p>In B2B and B2C businesses, it is critical that goods are available quicklyIt is for this reason that we at Amazon have 必威体育精装版app官网ed algorithms that can predict the daily demand of goods这对于时尚商品来说尤其复杂,时尚商品总是有许多不同的尺寸和变化,并且重新订购的可能性非常有限有关过去需求的信息会被输入我们的系统,以及季节性商品可能出现的波动,特价商品的影响以及客户对价格变动的敏感度今天,我们可以精确地预测在规定的日子里将销售多少特定尺寸和颜色的衬衫我们已经解决了这个问题,并将该技术作为Web服务提供给其他公司MyTaxi, for example, benefits from our ML-based service to plan at what time and at which place the customer will need the vehicle.</p> <p><strong>New division of labor</strong></p> <p>But AI is much more than just forecasting在与许多行业相关的履行领域,我们正在思考人工智能如何能够做出最大贡献的想法,从而远离泰勒主义的工作模式应用于机器人,人工智能可以使人们免于日常活动,这些活动在身体上很困难并且经常有压力机器非常擅长,有时甚至比,任务是复杂的人类,在仓库找到最优路线等一定数量的订单和运输沉重的货物,它是向客户发送For supposedly easy tasks, by contrast, the robot is overwhelmed; an example is recognizing a box that has landed on the wrong shelfSo how to bring together the best of both players? By letting intelligent robots learn from humans how to identify the right goods, take on various orders and navigate their way autonomously through the warehouse on the most efficient routeThis is how we take away the most tedious part of the task and shift resources to more interaction with the customer.</p> <p>Our client SCDM uses the core idea of freeing up resources for &quot;human&quot; strengths, but in a completely different contextSCDM是服务提供者,它支持与数字化的银行和保险公司使用AI,SCDM使其客户能够对格式不同的文档(PDF,Excel或照片)进行分类,例如关于包含数百页的投资产品性能的报告By scanning hundreds of thousands of documents simultaneously, SCDM&#39;s algorithm recognizes which document is relevant for a specific request, finds out where relevant data for a specific type of preparation is located, and then extracts the data from the documentAs a result, there is less bias and fewer errors in the number crunching, and more time for human interaction with important stakeholders like investors, analysts and other customers.</p> <p><strong>Machine learning in education, medicine and 必威体育精装版app官网ment aid</strong></p> <p>In addition to their potential for things like efficiency and productivity, ML and AI can also be used in educationDuolingo, which offers free language course apps, uses text-to-language algorithms to assess and correct learners&#39; pronunciation在医学上,人工智能支持分析x射线CTs的医生或捷运图像The World Bank also uses AI in order to implement infrastructure programs, 必威体育精装版app官网ment aid and other measures in a more targeted manner in the future.</p> <p><strong>More room for optimism</strong></p> <p>Despite all these 必威体育精装版app官网ments, many people from academia, business and government have a critical view of ML and AIThere have been warnings that a new super-intelligence is jeopardizing our civilization – and these warnings have been effective in attracting publicity.</p> <p>However, neither hysteria nor euphoria should be allowed to get the upper hand in the public debate我们需要的是对新兴可能性的务实乐观看法AI使我们能够摆脱工作中的任务,这些任务会损害我们的健康或机器比我们更好不是为了让自己变得多余相反,为了获得更多的个人和经济自由的人际关系,对我们的创造力和我们人类的一切比机器可以做得更好这就是我们应该努力的方向If we don&#39;t, we will ultimately forego the economic and societal opportunities that we could have grasped.</p> 使用Amazon Connect和Amazon Lex改善客户服务 星期五,2017年6月30日11:00:00 PDT <p><img src="/images/cslex-banner.png"/ width="650"></p> <p>Customer service is central to the overall customer experience that all consumers are familiar with when communicating with companies当我们需要寻求帮助或有待回答的问题时,通常会测试这种体验Unfortunately, we&#39;ve become accustomed to providing the same information multiple times, waiting on hold, and generally spending a lot more time than we expected to resolve our issue when we call customer service.</p> <p>When you call for customer assistance, you often need to wait for an agent to become available after navigating a set of menusThis means that you&#39;re going to wait on hold regardless of whether your issue is simple or complex一旦连接,电力呼叫中心的系统一般不要# 39;t做好使用和共享信息Therefore, you often start out anonymous and can&#39;t be recognized until you&#39;ve gone through a scripted set of questions如果您的问题很复杂,您最终可能会向与您交谈的每个人重复相同的信息,因为切换不提供上下文It&#39;s easy to end up frustrated by the experience, even if your issue is successfully resolved.</p> <p>At Amazon, customer obsession is a fundamental principle of how we operate, and it drives the investments we makeMaking sure that customers have a great experience when they need to call us is something that we&#39;ve invested a lot of time inSo much so, that in March 2017, we announced Amazon Connect, which is the result of nearly ten years of work to build cloud-based contact centers at scale to power customer service for more than 50 Amazon teams and subsidiaries, including, Zappos, and AudibleThe service allows any business to deliver better over-the-phone customer service at lower cost.</p> <p>When we set out to build Amazon Connect, we thought deeply about how artificial intelligence could be applied to improve the customer experience人工智能在这个地区令人难以置信的潜力如今,AWS客户正在使用云以更多方式更好地为客户提供服务例如,Zillow每天培训和再培训750万个型号,以提供高度具体的房屋价值估算,以更好地告知买家和卖家KRY is helping doctors virtually visit patients and accurately diagnose aliments by applying machine learning to symptomsNetflix正在使用机器学习为超过1亿用户提供高度个性化的推荐There are really exciting projects everywhere you look, including call centers.</p> <p>When Amazon Connect launched, we spoke about the integration with Amazon LexOne of the really interesting trends in machine learning lately has been the rise of chatbots, because they are well suited to fulfilling customer requests with natural languageAmazon Lex, which uses the same conversational technology as Amazon Alexa, is Amazon Web Services&#39; deep-learning powered chatbot platform通过将Amazon Lex聊天机器人链接到Amazon Connect联系人流程,客户可以立即获得帮助,而无需依赖菜单或特定的语音命令For example, an Amazon Lex driven conversation with your dentist&#39;s office might look like this…</p> <p><em>Connect: &quot;Hello, thanks for callingIs this Jeff?&quot;</em></p> <p>Jeff: &quot;Yes&quot;</p> <p><em>Connect: &quot;I see you have a cleaning appointment this FridayAre you calling to confirm?&quot;</em></p> <p>Jeff: &quot;No, actually.&quot;</p> <p><em>Connect: &quot;Ok, what are you calling about?&quot;</em></p> <p>Jeff: &quot;I&#39;d like to change my appointment to be next Monday.&quot;</p> <p><em>Connect: &quot;No problem, I have availability on Monday July 3rd at 11:00 AMDoes that work?</em></p> <p>Jeff: &quot;That&#39;s fine.&quot;</p> <p><em>Connect: &quot;GreatI have booked an appointment for you on Monday, July 3rd at 11:00 AMIs there anything else I can help you with?</em></p> <p>Jeff: &quot;Can you send me a text confirmation?&quot;</p> <p><em>Connect: &quot;Sure我已将您预约的短信确认发送到您的手机Can I do anything more for you?&quot;</em></p> <p>Jeff: &quot;No, that&#39;s greatBye.&quot;</p> <p>The chatbot is able to quickly and naturally handle the request without waiting for an agent to become available, and the customer was never presented with menus or asked for information the office already hadAWS Lambda函数对betway88体育官网和调度软件进行了相应的调用,确保交互快速且成本极低The workflow-based functionality of Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect also helps to reduce mistakes by making sure interactions play out consistently every time.</p> <p>If the customer&#39;s issue is not able to be resolved by the chatbot, Amazon Lex is able to pass on the full context of the conversation to a human representativeThis keeps the customer from wasting time repeating answers to questions and lets the representative focus 100% of their time on solving the problem, which increases the odds the customer is going complete the call feeling positive about the experience.</p> <p>Today, we&#39;re announcing the general availability of Amazon Lex integration with Amazon ConnectWe&#39;ve also enhanced the speech recognition models used by Amazon Lex to support integration with other call center providers as well, so that all telephony systems can start using AI to improve customer interactions.</p> <p>We think artificial intelligence has a lot of potential to improve the experience of both customers and service operationsCustomers can get to a resolution fast with more personalization, and human representatives will be able to spend more time resolving customer questions.</p> <p><strong>Getting Started:</strong> Amazon Connect is available to all customers in the US East (N弗吉尼亚州)您可以访问<a href=""> </a>开始Additional information on Amazon Lex integration can be found at <a href=""></a>.</p> 停止等待完美并从错误中吸取教训 2017年6月28日星期三10:00:00 PDT <p>This article titled "<a href="">Wartet nicht auf Perfektion – lernt aus euren Fehlern!</a>" appeared in German last week in the "Digitaliserung" column of <a href="">Wirtschaftwoche</a>.</p> <p><img src="/images/broken-car.jpg"/ width="650"></p> <p>&quot;Man errs as long as he doth strive.&quot; Goethe, the German prince of poets, knew that already more than 200 years ago今天还是他的话有道理,但有一个关键的区别:仅仅努力是不够的You have to strive faster than the restAnd while there&#39;s nothing wrong with striving for perfection, in today&#39;s digital world you can no longer wait until your products are near perfection before offering them to your customersIf so, you will fall behind in your market.</p> <p>So if you can&#39;t wait for perfection, what should you do instead? I believe the answer is to experiment aggressively with your product 必威体育精装版app官网ment, accepting the possibility that some of your experiments will fail.</p> <p>Anyone who has listened to, or worked with, management gurus know their mantra: Failure is a necessary part of progressThat&#39;s true, but there&#39;s often a big gap between the management theory and the reality on the ground人们想要尝试并从错误的事物中学习But in the flurry of day-to-day business, they&#39;re not given enough time to really reflect on the cause of an error and what to do differently next time.</p> <p>The solution is to find a systematic approach that prevents errors from repeating themselves.</p> <p><strong>From perfection to anti-fragility</strong></p> <p>In finding such a systematic way, you first need to distinguish between two types of errors that can happen in your company: those of technology and those of human decision-making的好处是:如果你知道如何有效处理第一,你可能最终在第二更好,做出更好的决策金融数学家和散文家Nassim Taleb对这个问题提出了一个有趣的看法他认为错误非常有价值,因为它们会带来创新He uses the term &#39;anti-fragility&#39; to make his pointToday&#39;s digital business models require smaller, frequent releases to reduce risk这意味着支撑这些新业务模式的技术必须不仅仅是强大的They must be &#39;anti-fragile&#39;The main feature of anti-fragile technology is that it can &#39;err&#39; without falling apartIn fact, a crisis can make it even better.</p> <p>At Amazon, we also require our systems and customer solutions to be anti-fragile, and we do that by designing our systems to stand the test of time我们的系统必须能够发展和成为失败更有弹性They must become more powerful and more feature-rich over time as a result of learning from customer feedback and any failure modes they may encounter while operating the systems.</p> <p>An example of a German company that has become &#39;anti-fragile&#39; is HARTING, the world&#39;s leading provider of heavy pluggable connectors for machines and plantsHARTING展示了如何在数字世界中思考质量标准的含义质量和信任是这家传统公司最重要的价值观,自2011年以来,工业4.0和数字化转型已成为他们的重点关注领域虽然一开始很难接受,但HARTING同时意识到错误是不可避免的出于这个原因,它的必威体育精品版应用转向敏捷方法It also uses the &quot;minimum-viable-product&quot; approach and relies on microservices for its software这种方式工作,德国哈丁可以更容易丢弃的东西,创造新的东西All in all, HARTING has become faster.</p> <p>That can be seen with HARTING MICA, an edge computing solution that enables older machines and plants to get a digital retrofitThe body and hardware still reflect HARTING&#39;s standard of perfection但是对于软件,我们的目标是“好enough&quot;,因为microservice既不是结束,也不是完美的结果,错误的决策和错误可以很快得到纠正,系统可以更快地成熟,接近反脆弱的状态如果需求发生变化或更好的软件技术可用,则可以抛弃每个微服务并创建新的微服务That&#39;s how you gain speed and quickly digitize old machines and connect them to the cloud within a manageable cost framework.</p> <p><strong>Taking the dread out of mistakes</strong></p> <p>If you want to become anti-fragile, more than robust, like HARTING and other companies, you need to proactively look for the weak spots in a system as you experimentIn a system that should evolve, all sorts of errors will happen that you weren&#39;t able to predict, especially when systems need to scale into unknown territoriesSo subject your system to continuous failures and make subsystems artificially fail using tools like Netflix&#39;s Chaos Monkey.</p> <p>If you do all of this, you will start to objectify errors at your company and make dealing with errors a matter of normalityAnd when errors become &#39;business as usual&#39;, no one will be afraid of taking a risk, trying out a new idea, a new product or a new service and seeing what happens when customers interact with itThat&#39;s how you quickly find solutions that really work in the future.</p> <p>At Amazon, our approach for systematically and constructively dealing with errors is called the &quot;cause of error&quot; method它避免寻找“罪魁祸首”。Instead it documents learning experiences and derives actions that ultimately improve the availability of our systems.</p> <p><strong>From root cause to innovation</strong></p> <p>The method first calls for fixing an error by analyzing its immediate root cause and taking steps to mitigate the damage and restore the initial running state as quickly as possible.But we are not content with that result我们走得更远,试图从事件中提取最大量的洞察力And this process begins as soon everything is working again for the client.</p> <p>A key element of our cause-of-error method is asking 5 &#39;Why?&#39; questions (a technique that originated in quality control in manufacturing)This is important because it determines the fundamental root of the problem.</p> <p>Take the case of a website: Why was it down last Friday? The web servers reported timeoutsWhy were there timeouts? Because our web services are overloaded and couldn&#39;t cope with the high trafficWhy were the web servers overloaded? Because we don&#39;t have enough web servers to handle all requests at peak timesWhy don&#39;t we have enough web servers? Because we didn&#39;t consider possible peaks in demand in our planningWhy didn&#39;t we take peaks in demand into account in our planning? By the end of this process, we know exactly what happened and which clients were affectedThen we&#39;re in a position to distill an action plan that ensures that specific error doesn&#39;t happen again.</p> <p>Quite often, applying this cause-of-error approach allows us to find breakthrough innovations, in the spirit of Nassim TalebThat&#39;s how the solution Auto Scaling was created, after a certain client segment was fighting with strongly fluctuating hits on their website当网站的负载增加时,Auto Scaling会自动旋转一个额外的Web服务器来为越来越多的请求提供服务Conversely, when the load subsides, Auto Scaling turns off web servers that are not needed in order to save cost.</p> <p>What it reveals is: Organizations need to look beyond superficial success对于系统和商业模式的必威体育精装版应用官方而言,情况确实如此If you want to remain agile in a complex environment, you must follow this path, even if it means leaving the comfort zoneIf we transfer these ideas into an organizational context, three aspects might be worth considering:</p> <p><strong>1Embrace error as a matter of fact</strong></p> <p>Jeff Bezos once said about Amazon: &quot;I believe we are the best place in the world to fail.&quot; That inspires a lot of our people to experiment, find errors and turn them into something innovativeA statement like this encourages your people to actively look for errors, and to turn them into pieces of innovation并且:在发现错误时奖励员工我们从亚马逊的必威体育专业应用官网上学到的是,您需要始终超越错误的表面Some of our best products have been born from errors.</p> <p><strong>2Make due with incomplete information</strong></p> <p>German companies have a tradition of being thorough and perfectionist在数字世界中,然而,你需要放松这些原则Technology is changing so fast; you need to be fast tooMake decisions even if the information you have is not as complete as you would like.Jeff Bezos put his finger on that when he wrote in his most recent letter to shareholders that &quot;most decisions should probably be made with somewhere around 70% of the information you wish you had如果你等待90%,在大多数情况下,你# 39;可能是缓慢的另外,无论哪种方式,您都需要善于快速识别和纠正错误的决策If you&#39;re good at course correcting, being wrong may be less costly than you think, whereas being slow is going to be expensive for sure.&quot;</p> <p><strong>3Praise the value of learning</strong></p> <p>I&#39;ve stressed the need for companies to have a systematic approach to how they deal with errorsBut your approach will only work if it&#39;s part of your overall culture确保你理解你DNAandknow人们思考和谈论工作的地板上Openly praising experimentation in product 必威体育精装版app官网ment and encouraging people to find errors will come across as empty rhetoric if your employees really do have reason to fear repercussions for themselves personally if they make mistakes.</p> <p>It is a matter of leadership to foster and shape a culture of experimentation that is practiced day in, day out.</p> <p>Whatever companies come up with in order to systematically learn from mistakes, it will make them better in competing in the digital world它将使他们有自由和勇气将他们的系统,解决方案和商业模式提升到更高的水平。</ p> Amazon DynamoDB加速器(DAX):在没有应用程序重写的情况下,将DynamoDB响应时间从毫秒加速到微秒。 2017年6月21日星期三11:00:00 PDT <p>Today, I&#39;m excited to announce the general availability of <a href="">Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)</a>, a fully managed, highly available, in-memory cache that can speed up DynamoDB response times from milliseconds to microseconds, even at millions of requests per secondYou can add DAX to your existing DynamoDB applications with just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console – no application rewrites required.</p> <p>DynamoDB has come a long way in the 5 years since we announced its availability in January 2012正如我们当时所说,DynamoDB是大规模非关系型和云服务领域15年的学习成果。Based on this experience and learning, we built DynamoDB to be a fast, highly scalable NoSQL betway88体育官网 to meet the needs of Internet-scale applications.</p> <p>DynamoDB was the first service at AWS to use SSD storage必威体育精装版app官网ment of DynamoDB was guided by the core set of distributed systems principles outlined in the <a href="">Dynamo paper</a>, resulting in an ultra-scalable and highly reliable betway88体育官网 systemDynamoDB delivers predictable performance and single digit millisecond latencies for reads and writes to your application, whether you&#39;re just getting started and want to perform hundreds of reads or writes per second in dev and test, or you&#39;re operating at scale in production performing millions of reads and writes per second.</p> <p><strong>Saving crucial milliseconds</strong></p> <p>Having been closely involved in the design and 必威体育精装版app官网ment of DynamoDB over the years, I find it gratifying to see DynamoDB being used by more than 100,000 customers - including the likes of AirBnB, Amazon, Expedia, Lyft, Redfin, and Supercell它为当今使用的一些最大,最受欢迎的标志性应用程序的用户提供可预测的性能,始终如一地以毫秒为单位。I&#39;ve had a chance to interact with many of these customers on the design of their apps这些互动让我了解他们的新兴需求,我将这些需求带回我们的必威体育专业应用官网团队,以进一步重复我们的服务其中许多客户的应用程序具有近乎实时的访问数据要求,这些数据需要比单位数毫秒更快的性能These are the apps that have motivated us to 必威体育精装版app官网 DAX.</p> <p>To give you some examples of my interactions, I&#39;ve been talking to a few ad-tech companies lately, and their conversations are about how they can save milliseconds of performance对于他们的应用程序,他们有20-50毫秒来决定是否对广告进行出价Every millisecond that is spent querying a betway88体育官网 and waiting for a key piece of data is time that they could otherwise use to make better decisions, process more data, or improve calculations to place a more accurate bid.</p> <p>These high-throughput, low-latency requirements need caching, not as a consideration, but as a best practiceCaches reduce latencies to microseconds, increases throughput, and in many cases, help customers save money by reducing the amount of resources they have to overprovision for their betway88体育官网s.</p> <p>Caching is not a new concept, and I have always wondered, why doesn&#39;t everyone cache?</p> <p>I think the reasons are many, but most follow a similar trendAlthough many 必威体育精装版app官网ers are aware of the patterns and benefits of adding a cache to an application, it&#39;s not easy to implement such functionality correctlyIt&#39;s also time consuming and costly编写应用程序时,您可能不需要或设计第一天的缓存因此,必须将缓存强制转换为已经运行并且经历负载的应用程序,这将需要额外的好处在您的应用已经遇到负载时添加缓存并不容易As a result, we see many folks trying to squeeze out every last drop of performance, or significantly overprovision their betway88体育官网 resources to avoid adding a cache.</p> <p><strong>Fully managed cache for DynamoDB</strong></p> <p>What if you could seamlessly add caching to your application without requiring a re-write?</p> <p>Enter DynamoDB Accelerator随着DAX的推出,您现在可以获得对DynamoDB中数据的微秒访问DAX是DynamoDB前面的内存缓存,具有与DynamoDB相同的API步骤# 39;年代不需要重写应用程序来访问您的缓存您只需将现有应用程序指向DAX端点,并且作为直读/直写缓存,DAX可以无缝地为您处理缓存Microsecond response times, millions of requests per second—and of course, it&#39;s a fully managed environment that is highly available over multiple Availability Zones so you no longer have to worry about managing your cache.</p> <p align="center"> <img src="/images/ddb-cache.png"/ width="650"> </p> <p>With DAX, we&#39;ve created a fully managed caching service that is API-compatible with DynamoDBWhat this means to you as a 必威体育精装版app官网er is that you don&#39;t have to re-write your DynamoDB application to use DAX相反,使用DAX SDK for Java,您只需将现有应用程序指向DAX端点,DAX就可以处理其余的应用程序作为直读/直写高速缓存,DAX将拦截对DynamoDB的读写操作对于直读式缓存,当向DAX发出读取时,它将首先检查该项是否在缓存中如果是,则DAX返回响应时间(以微秒为单位)的值如果项目不在缓存中,DAX会自动从DynamoDB中提取项目,缓存后续读取的结果,并将值返回给应用程序这对于必威体育精装版官网是透明的类似地,对于写入,DAX首先将值写入DynamoDB,将值缓存在DAX中,然后将成功返回给应用程序这样,写入后的读取可用于缓存命中,这进一步简化了应用程序缓存回收由time - to - live(TTL)和连续写入驱逐,你不再需要执行此任务的代码DAX provides all the benefits of a cache, with a much simpler 必威体育精装版app官网er experience.</p> <p>The following is code for an application that talks to DynamoDB:</p> <p align="center"> <img src="/images/ddb-code-ddb.png"/ width="650"> </p> <p>All you have to do is point your application at the DAX endpoint with three lines of codeYou&#39;ve added in-memory caching without performing brain surgery on the application.</p> <p>Adding DAX is as simple as the following code:</p> <p align="center"> <img src="/images/ddb-code-dax.png"/ width="650"> </p> <p>Why doesn&#39;t everyone cache? Many times, it is too costly in terms of time and complexity because 必威体育精装版app官网ers have to alter some of their most critical code pathsWith DAX, you get faster reads, more throughput, and cost savings - without having to write any new code.</p> <p>What&#39;s not to like? This is a fantastic addition for our DynamoDB customersTo get started with DAX today, see <a href="">Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)</a>.</p> <p>Many of our customers share my excitement:</p> <p>10 billion matches later, <strong>Tinder</strong> has changed the way people meet around the world“对于Tinder来说,性能绝对是关键我们是DynamoDB的主要用户We love its simplicity and ability to scale with consistent performance,&quot; said Maria Zhang, VP of Engineering at Tinder“借助DAX,AWS将性能提升到了一个新的水平,响应时间以微秒为单位We really like how DAX integrates seamlessly with DynamoDB, is API-compatible, and doesn&#39;t require us to write any new codeWe are excited for the General Availability of DAX.&quot;</p> <p><strong>Careem</strong> is a car-booking service and app that serves more than 40 cities and 11 countries in the broader Middle EastThe company uses a number of AWS services, including Amazon DynamoDB to store locations of its captains, promotions, and configurations.<em> </em>&quot;We have been involved early on during the DAX public preview, and have been running our production workload on DAX with no issues,&quot; said Tafseer-ul-Islam Siddiqui, Software Architect at Careem“我们正在使用DAX来扩展我们对服务网络的读取作为直写式缓存,DAX简化了我们的应用程序堆栈,并且无需为我们的缓存需求构建中央服务促使我们采用DAX的一个关键特性是它与DynamoDB API兼容,因此需要对我们现有应用程序使用的最小更改 - 您只需要将DynamoDB客户端更改为DAX客户端Our team was really impressed with the built-in failover and replication support.&quot;</p> <p><strong>Canon INCOffice Imaging Products 必威体育精装版app官网ment Planning &amp; Management Center</strong> provides mission-critical cloud services connecting to business machines for worldwide customers across four continents&quot;Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) is a very wonderful service to improve the user experience of Amazon DynamoDB,&quot; said Takashi Yagita, Principal Engineer, Office Imaging Products 必威体育精装版app官网ment Planning &amp; Management Center, Canon INC“我们的必威体育精装版应用程序官员喜欢DAX SDK的优秀设计理念,它使我们能够从DynamoDB切换并开始无缝使用DAX我们的团队成功地将DynamoDB容量单元保持在较低水平,同时提高了DAX的数据访问速度We welcome that DAX is generally available.&quot;</p> <p>This is a really a fantastic addition for our DynamoDB customers开始达克斯今天,请参阅 < a href = " " > < / >。< / p > 扩大云——一个AWS地区来到香港 2017年6月21日星期三00:00:00 PDT <p align="center"> <img src="/images/hong-kong-banner.jpg"/ width="650"> </p> <p>Today, I am very excited to announce our plans to open a new AWS Region in Hong Kong! The new region will give Hong Kong-based businesses, government organizations, non-profits, and global companies with customers in Hong Kong, the ability to leverage AWS technologies from data centers in Hong KongThe new AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region will have three Availability Zones and be ready for customers for use in 2018.</p> <p>Over the past decade, we have seen tremendous growth at AWS因此,我们在全球16个AWS区域开设了43个可用区Last year, we opened new regions in Korea, India, the US, Canada, and the UK在第二年,我们会看到另一个八区上线,跨三个AWS地区(法国、中国和瑞典)但是,我们不打算减速,我们也不会停在那里We are actively working to open new regions in the locations where our customers need them most.</p> <p>In Asia Pacific, we have been constantly expanding our footprint2010年,我们在新加坡开设了第一个AWS区域,此后又在日本,澳大利亚,中国,韩国和印度开设了其他地区After the launch of the AWS APAC (Hong Kong) Region, there will be 19 Availability Zones in Asia Pacific for customers to build flexible, scalable, secure, and highly available applications.</p> <p>As well as AWS Regions, we also have 21 AWS Edge Network Locations in Asia Pacific这使客户能够以低延迟向最终用户提供内容,从而为他们提供最佳的应用体验This continued investment in Asia Pacific has led to strong growth as many customers across the region move to AWS.</p> <p>Organizations in Hong Kong have been increasingly moving their mission-critical applications to AWSThis has led us to steadily increase our investment in Hong Kong to serve our growing base of enterprise, public sector, and startup customers.</p> <p>In 2008, AWS opened a point of presence (PoP) in Hong Kong to enable customers to serve content to their end users with low latency从那时起,AWS在香港增加了两个PoP,这是2016年的最新一次2013年,AWS在香港开设了办事处Today we have local teams in Hong Kong to help customers of all sizes as they move to AWS, including account managers, solutions architects, business 必威体育精装版app官网ers, partner managers, professional services consultants, technology evangelists, start-up community 必威体育精装版app官网ers, and more.</p> <p>Some of the most successful startups in the world—including 8 Securities, 9GAG, and GoAnimate—are already using AWS to deliver highly reliable, scalable, and secure applications to customers.</p> <p>9GAG is a Hong Kong-based company responsible for <a href=""></a>, one of the top traffic websites in the worldIt&#39;s an entertainment website where users can post content or &quot;memes&quot; that they find amusing and share them across social media networks9GAG每月产生数百万的Facebook股票和喜欢,吸引超过7800万全球唯一身份访问者,每月获得超过10亿的页面浏览量9GAG has a small team of nine people, including three engineers to support the business, and uses AWS to service their global visitors.</p> <p><a href="">GoAnimate</a> is a Hong Kong-based company that allows companies and individuals to tell great visual stories via its online animation platformGoAnimate使用许多AWS服务,包括Amazon Polly,允许用户发表他们的视觉动画他们选择使用AWS来专注于他们的平台,而不是管理基础设施They believe that they have reduced 必威体育精装版app官网ment time from 20 to 30 percent by having done so.</p> <p>Some of the largest, and most well respected, enterprises in Hong Kong are also using AWS to power their businesses, enabling them to be more agile and responsive to their customersThese companies include Cathay Pacific, CLSA, HSBC, Gibson Innovations, Kerry Logistics, Ocean Park, Next Digital, and TownGas.</p> <p>Hong Kong&#39;s largest listed multimedia group, <a href="">Next Digital</a>, operates businesses spanning Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States他们操作在一个恶意的行业团体经常发动分布式拒绝服务(DDoS)攻击破坏的可用性此外,互联网服务提供商也可以在遭受DDoS攻击威胁时随时关闭其服务Next Digital在AWS上运行的环境比以前的托管解决方案更具可用性和容错性除了运行他们的网络属性和应用程序,Next Digital还使用Amazon RDS(Amazon ElastiCache(缓存)和Amazon Redshift(数据仓库))Further, taking advantage of the local AWS Hong Kong-based team, Next Digital uses AWS Enterprise Support for Infrastructure Event Management and other high-touch support services.</p> <p><a href="">Kerry Logistics</a>, a global logistics company based in Hong Kong, runs a number of corporate IT applications on AWS, including its Infor Sun Accounting Environment and Kewill Freight Forwarding Systems across multiple regions on AWS globallyTheir goal has been to ensure that their IT infrastructure sits as closely to their customers and users as possible.</p> <p>In addition to established enterprises, government organizations, and rapidly growing startups, AWS also has a vibrant ecosystem in Hong Kong, including partners that have built cloud practices and innovative technology solutions on AWSAWS合作伙伴网络(APN)在香港的咨询合作伙伴帮助客户迁移到云APN Consulting Partners include global partners such as Accenture, Datapipe, Deloitte, Infosys, KPMG and Rackspace, and local partners such as ICG, eCloudValley, Masterson, and Nextlink, among many others.</p> <p>The new AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region, coupled with the existing AWS Regions in Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Beijing, Seoul, and Mumbai, and a future one in Ningxia, will provide customers with quick, low-latency access to websites, mobile applications, games, SaaS applications, big data analysis, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and moreI&#39;m excited to see the new and innovative use cases coming from our customers in Hong Kong and across Asia Pacific, all enabled by AWS.</p>